18 Feb 2012

OCCUPY TUCSON and 4 Hours in City Court Yesterday.

  Hey FireDogs. Occupy Tucson is back up again. This is the fourth encampment. Today will mark 2 weeks and two days. Already the tent camp at De Anza Park at Speedway and Stone has grown to 47 in number and perhaps 65 overnighters, we are reconnecting with the community

16 Feb 2012

MONSANTO Found Guilty of Poisoning French Farmer : Breaking Good News!

Hey FireDogs. I have written often about  the sociopathic biotechnology industry here at the Lake, led by allstar protagonist Monsanto, but closely followed by Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, Pioneer and others.   Assuming the best possible outcome for “We the People” of this tiny planet, it will take decades to prevent further

15 Feb 2012

2 Million Die Each Year Worldwide for Lack of Water. Mostly Children.

Hey FireDogs. This is a story about crimes against humanity in which all of us as American citizens are complicit.  Water is the elixir of life. For well over 2000 years water has been held as an inviolable part of the commons, protected by law, by convention, by tradition, and by

14 Feb 2012

Why Obama Should Be Impeached. Video of Nader and Fein at Harvard Law School.

  Hey FireDogs. Below is a video of a talk given by Bruce Fein and Ralph Nader at Harvard Law School. They are both alums of that institution. The topic is constitutional crimes committed by a third alum, current US president Obama, and former US president Prince George the appointed.

13 Feb 2012

Transnational Corp. Caterpillar Evokes Rage From Canada’s Still Free Press.

  Chant : “This is what a free press looks like!”  REPLY : “We need one to have democracy!” Hey FireDogs. This story merits our attention. In my estimation, other than the Scandinavian countries and the Lowland countries in Europe, there really exist only two fully functioning democracies still extant

12 Feb 2012

MONSANTO Heading Back to Vietnam to Spray More Agent Orange.

A couple of generations later the Vietnamese people are still suffering birth defects and cancers directly attributable to the actions of the U.S. Military, Monsanto Corporation, and the American people. From an article by An Dien at  Thanh Nien News.com : In 2006 the government approved a blueprint that envisaged covering

11 Feb 2012

“That Train’s Gone, and it Ain’t Comin’ Back”…… : Stiglitz.

Hey FireDog’s. Sara Robinson’s post in AlterNet this fine Saturday morning aggregates a profound group of must read sources and their recent work, crafting a must read macro view article that is unsettling in its uncompromising conclusions, yet somehow allows optimism to sprout once the harsh reality is accepted. My question

10 Feb 2012

Citizens United Decision Challenged by “RED” State Montana.

  Why has this come about? It is simple, there exists an institutional memory if you will, of what occurred in Montana 99 years ago.   This has to do with labor riots and underground miners. I love underground miners. I is one. Or at least that used to be

10 Feb 2012

FOX BIZ Network Folds……..well, sort of……

From HuffPo this morning : Fox Business Network announced a drastic shakeup of its programming on Thursday, cancelling all of its primetime shows and replacing them with reruns.   Here is what I’d like to know……if you owned a network, what would have to be going on for you to

31 Jan 2012

The Case for Deregulation……Fascism……and Erin Brockovich. Mass Hysteria?

Well FireDogs……..I doubt I need to spend much time if any editorializing……..I think you are at this point accustomed to the extent of my radicalization. So here are the facts as reported by the BBC. Did any of you catch this on USA MSM? Just curious. The BBC’s Laura Trevelyan