03 Mar 2012

A LOOOOONNNG Day at Occupy Tucson After the Raid; and Then….as a Respite, 3 Articles Here at the Lake on……..Rush?

Really? That’s the best you guys can offer? Three posts up on the boards at one time about Rush Limbaugh? As if that putrescent gasbag drug addict piece of shit was even worth your time writing about, much less us spending our brief time in this life reading about? Relevant?

02 Mar 2012

Occupy Tucson Video of Eviction and Arrests.

Occupy Tucson held a parking lot party last night at the Pima County jail Silverlake annex. The sheriff’s department that runs the jail called the Tucson Police Department to remove them. Turns out that Occupy Tucson had every right to be there since they were there to recover their arrested

01 Mar 2012

Occupy Tucson Evicted Yet Again.Many Arrests.

The Tucson Police Department has evicted Occupy Tucson from a third park as of noon today, that is if you don’t count the ill conceived poorly executed attempt at a previous location. The police came to the De Anza Park yesterday morning with four officers at 09:30 and gave notice

28 Feb 2012

I Don’t Believe in Email Petitions, but Here’s One You Should Sign Tonight.

This one may be worth doing if for no other reason than to put your outrage on record with the fascist bastards. ‘Cause I doubt my esteemed Senators here in Arizona would change their vote should 250 million citizens sign this protest petition, John the III authored the damn bill

24 Feb 2012

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine. 23min Video/ClassWarFilms.

This video is worth the 23 minutes to watch, please pass it along as well. For those who are particularly sensitive, very graphic photography abounds within, a slide show illustrating a brief narrative of American history. Hat Tip to the inimitable Jack Balkwill at Liberty Underground of Virginia for the heads up

23 Feb 2012

Occupy Tucson & the Story of the Donut Hole Auction on the Court House Steps.

No FireDogs, not the stupid little balls they call donut holes when they are for sale. The actual holes. The empty space you acquire in the middle of a donut when you purchase one. Donut holes being symbolic of the empty space created in former homeowners lives once the travesty has

22 Feb 2012

President Obama Sings the Blues……Literally. Video at White House Last Night.

Hey FireDogs. I suppose this could be an opportunity to unleash some snarky rant or another. I found myself wide awake at 2 minutes after 4 this morning and started wandering the intertubes. I came upon this video from a party at the White House last night, and just found

21 Feb 2012

Occupy Tucson, video on Motion to Dismiss on 1st Amendment Grounds Hearing.

Hey FireDogs. Saturday morning I put up a post detailing this hearing……which was a motion to dismiss charges against a Tucson Occupier, Mary DeCamp. We are presently awaiting the judge’s ruling. The implications of this decision for our ongoing efforts at Occupy here in Tucson are huge. I thought you might

21 Feb 2012

Montana’s Citizens United Challenge; An Update.

Last week I posted a piece here detailing a decision by Montana’s state supreme court upholding their state’s long standing law prohibiting corporate corruption and monetary influence in Montana’s politics and governance. That legislation was put in place in 1912, 100 years ago. This past Friday SCOTUS stayed that ruling, but refused to reverse

19 Feb 2012

“There Ain’t No Help, the Cavalry Stayed Home.” The Boss Chimes In.

Hey FireDogs. Well all I can say is it’s about damn time. I have been waiting to hear some music come out of this protest movement…….this Occupy……..this longing for a return to democracy(either real or imagined) that has impacted so many of us for so many different reasons.    To be fair,