03 Mar 2011

Letter back to a friend

The question is then, how to implement this remedy? I agree and also wish to find an exit to the destruction which is wrought by war. Both on the nations where the physical results are impacting with death as the only result and on the home nation whose citizens bear

23 Feb 2011

Hello, Dimitri? Hello?

The conversation between the fake Koch and Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin is revealing in many ways.   One aspect is interestingly where the telephone discussion turns to the national agenda of the corporate and financial elites of globalisat­ion and multi-nati­onal corporate entities. The various points made by Walker, which included coordinati­ng

14 Feb 2011


What more need we hear to know the voice of the system speaking with a voice sonorous and yet still tempered by a timber tolerable for some. Harken to the trumpets now shrill in their braying that the sacrifices which Nation needs must be made on the backs of the

07 Feb 2011

Drugs: There’s Just Too Much Money in It

“There’s just too much money in it.” [1] Astounding admission.  Today Hilliary Clinton answered the question as to why the U.S.  couldn’t legalize drugs. The laundering of illegal funds is one of the primary functions of the multi-national financial institutions today. Additionally, it must be clearly noted that the U.S.

03 Feb 2011

Balance of Power

Israel’s leader (whose human rights record speaks for itself) Netenyahu prognostic­­ates regarding the developmen­­t of revolution in the cause of freedom for the people from the oppression of dictatorsh­­ip, the smell of putrefacti­­on surrounds his words. The State of Israel is not interested in democracy. Like many quasi-fasc­­ist states, it

29 Jan 2011

The Measure of a Nation

Would it be hard to fight for justice if the sop of equal economic opportunity and the attendant hope of  prosperity were at least moist?  No is the answer plain. People are suffering from disenfranchisement, loss of representation, physical loss of property.  Subjugated to an economic philosophy which only rewards those who hold power and dictate

27 Jan 2011

Friday Eve!

What will the new day bring?  A new song?  A poem perhaps. Move!  2011. Times of change are not measured. Protest  found in the streets of the soul.

27 Jan 2011

No Rest for the Imperium

“Busy, busy, busy.”  Mantra of the White House.  Gotta’ to help foster democracy in our partner nations.  Good friends like Egypt and it’s democratically elected President.  Who, according to Joe Biden, is a pillar of democracy.  Mubarek is no dictator, only in power for 30 years, per the U.S. government and

26 Jan 2011

All Quite on the Western Front

While our President waxed eloquent on themes of nation a certain lack of substance was to this observer palpable .  There were however serious omissions apparent.  What is the reason for our continued wars of aggressive occupation of several nations and offensive war actions in several others?  And Civil Rights?   And Financial fraud?

25 Jan 2011

Same as it ever was, SOTU 2011

The speaking voice of the President tonight, is soothing in its inflections of earnestness.  Yet, the points touched upon are suitably vague in detail, and in this listener’s ear captures enough Newspeak to warrant caution if not guarded alarm. The concept that we must “win” the future is a false premise.