23 Jul 2012

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago cannot afford to give its public school teachers an 18.2 percent pay raise, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday, dismissing a fact finder’s report as “not tethered to reality.” Emanuel all but dismissed the work of arbitrator of Edwin H. Benn and said the contract would

21 Jun 2012

Chicago Teacher Stands Up to Stand for Children and Wins!

Cross-posted at Huffington Post – Education. Each injustice, however small, must be confronted. That’s how we change history. That’s really what the “progress” in “progressive” should mean. Chicago Public Schools history teacher Jennifer Johnson was tired of watching her colleagues being bashed by out-of-state special interest groups and opportunistic politicians.

13 Jan 2012

Education Reform — A Cover for Cronyism?

In the latest round of school closings in Chicago, schools are either being slated for turnaround or closure. Turnaround means the entire staff is fired and forced to reapply for their jobs. Closing schools will transfer their students to schools run by the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) a

22 Dec 2011

In Defense Of The Mic Check

[Cross-posted in HuffingtonPost.com/Chicago] After years of attending Chicago Board of Education monthly meetings, on December 14, 2011 I felt like I left one where the community was actually heard, by the public and by the board. During the “public participation” segment of the meeting, a lone voice stopped the business-as-usual. From