13 Aug 2013

Obama Administration Gives Insurers One Year Reprieve on Spending Caps

Already having delayed the employer side of the odious mandate, the Obama administration is now going to delay implementation of the caps on consumers’ “out-of-pocket” spending until 2015. Phantom “federal officials” claim that insurers just don’t have enough time, doggone it! The health law, signed more than three years ago

19 Jul 2011

An Open Letter to My Representative, My Senators, and the Rest of the Democratic Party

Mr. Cardin, Ms. Mikulski, Mr. Cummings, et al: It is with a heavy heart and, sadly, a lack of surprise that I find myself drafting this missive.  To put it quite simply: if Democrats, and especially those who are supposedly my representatives in the U.S. Congress, choose to vote for

05 Sep 2010

May We PLEASE Have a Third Party Now?

I’m no longer interested in a political system bereft of choices

22 Aug 2010

Dem Pollsters: the Mandate is All About “Individual Responsibility”

Leaked Powerpoint demonstrates DNC contempt for progressive voices against the mandate

28 Jul 2010

A Bonus Army for the 21st Century – Victims of the Kleptocracy Should Mobilize

Voting does nothing, protests in their current iteration seem toothless- perhaps it’s time to really turn up the pressure on Obama’s plutocracy.

26 Jul 2010

In a world falling apart at the seams, why run from class warfare?

Republicans sure as hell haven’t. Tea Partiers (aka Other Republicans) sure haven’t. They’re willing to stand up for the rights of the wealthiest Americans to keep the wealth that (the majority of them) inherited or gained through privilege. So why are Democrats so incredibly afraid to be seen as engaging in a war that is already being waged over the future of working people in this country?