06 Mar 2009

CRISIS D.C.: Mice Fight Over Crumbs at Cat Takes The Pie

Washingtonians have been following the time honored Beltway Olympic sports of media-sniping, political back-stabbing and public humiliation by committee hearing for the past few weeks. I'm not talking about the Hill however, bastion of deceit and betrayal that it is. Rather I'm referencing the spate between organizers at the <a

05 Jan 2009

Giving The Majority the Power to Speak Up

I have often framed the queer rights movement as a sexual/gender transgressing minority fighting for civil rights in a heteronormative world. I've recently found myself at a loss for seeing the utility of maintaining this framework. More expansive manners exist of defining our movement, in political, artistic and economic ways.

03 Jan 2009

Gay Rights Threaten Freedom of Belief, Conservative myth 2.0

Gay rights have for decades been portrayed as a threat to the free expression of “traditional” religious views. More recently, right wing forces have developed more sophisticated reasonings, going so far as adopting narratives that portray conservative-leaning religious minority groups (e.g. Mormons) as victims of “pro-gay bigotry”. A recent National