18 Jan 2012

Transgender Law Center Condemns Threat of Violence from TN Lawmaker

State Rep. Richard Floyd (R-Chattanooga) Says He Would Assault Transgender Women Transgender Law Center, a civil rights organization advocating for equal protections for transgender individuals, condemns the vicious attack by Tennessee Representative Richard Floyd (R-Chattanooga) on transgender women and calls on him to apologize for inciting violence against everyday, hardworking

12 Jan 2012

Transgender Law Center Thanks Girl Scouts of the USA

Yesterday we launched a petition on change.org, but this time we are not protesting anything. This time, we are publicly thanking an organization that is under attack for celebrating the rights of all girls to enjoy the experience of scouting. You may have seen the media frenzy when a transgender

13 Dec 2011

LGBT Groups Condemn ABC Show Work It; Say Work It Doesn’t Work!

http://youtu.be/gJejMhA_8Q4 Transgender Law Center, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) say promotions for new show Work It, scheduled to premier January 3rd on ABC, present both unrealistic gender-norms and stereotypes about women in the workplace. According to ABC, Work It is about “two unrepentant guy’s

10 Oct 2011

It’s a big day for transgender folks in California!

WE DID IT!Governor Brown just signed two important transgender rights bills into law.  The first, the Gender Nondiscrimination Act, brings transgender rights out of the closet in California – making “gender identity and expression” its own protected category at work, at school, in housing, at public accommodations and in other