20 Jun 2013

Farm Team

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (otherwise known as SNAP) that provides food assistance to about 50 million Americans as well as the entire Farm Bill that includes the program may be cut severely, depending on a bill from the House of Representatives and the chances of reconciliation with the Senate

19 Jan 2013

The Null Set

This past week we again heard the threat of “nullification” flying around the halls of Congress and state legislatures in response to President Obama’s proposed executive actions and legislative priorities to protect American citizens from gun violence.   In the field mathematics, a null set is a group of entities

14 Nov 2012

The General’s Fodder

Nelson DeMille’s 1992 novel The General’s Daughter declares, “The American dream was not supposed to look like this, and when the men went off to the war, too often other men came in the night to the bedroom at the back of the long, narrow trailers. In fact, I had

09 Nov 2012

An (Im)perfect Storm

During the past couple of weeks in the autumn of 2012, over 300,000,000 Americans along with the rest of the global community have lived through a tempest of some very good and some very bad historic events. First, the very bad. After wreaking havoc throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas, Hurricane

30 Aug 2012

The Boy is Back in Town

Paul Ryan hit the ball out of the park Wednesday night.  Amid a crowd of white, overweight men and women wearing lapel flags, red, white and blue star shaped sunglasses and white cowboy hats waving flags. Their would-be lapdog was at the podium earnestly spreading slander on a fool’s errand

29 Aug 2012

The Elephant in the Room

The elephant in the Tampa Bay Convention Hall at 10:30 Tuesday night was not Chris Christie.  It was instead a combination of hollow enthusiasm, choreographed fist shaking, Ann Romney’s strains to scratch her left hand rather than applaud, popular myths, polite applause and Mitt’s outright failure to applaud.   Most

22 Aug 2012

No to Vouchers

A new Pew Research Center survey released today has found that respondents oppose the conversion of the current Medicare program structure to a voucher program by a 49% to 34% margin similar to the responses in 2011 when the “Ryan Plan” was first rolled out.The public is aware of the

17 Aug 2012

A Prayer for Punks

Today we witness a landmark event in freedom of speech and ability to question the objectives of orthodox religion abroad. As the debate over religious freedom and freedom of speech has gained prominence during the past year in the United States, concern for religious relevance and the right to articulate

16 Aug 2012

Philadelphia Freedom

Fifty years after marching in Macon, Georgia with Dr. Martin Luther King to achieve the right to vote in the United States, Viviette Applewhite is reliving the fight to overcome discriminatory voting practices in her current home city of Philadelphia. That march in 1963 with Dr. King was one harrowing

11 Aug 2012

Romulus and Remus

This morning as Mitt Romney emerged from the USS Wisconsin, docked in Norfolk among the waving stars, stripes, bunting and trumpets to announce his running mate, I couldn’t help getting choked up.   Not so much because a Mormon with no military experience was taking a starboard stand in announcing