31 Jul 2011

John Garamendi for President in 2012

The moment Obama signs this debt ceiling limit increase, with trillions of dollars in cuts, he will have guaranteed his reelection defeat. The economic data that came out Friday is showing that the economy is backsliding into recession. How could it not? Massive cutting at the state level, particularly by

19 Apr 2011

A Hard Left Budget for 2012

We now have close to two generations of Americans that only know living under supply-side economics, Reaganomics, and the bad-mouthing of Keynesian economics.

07 Apr 2011

A Call to Action for Liberals for 2012

We can stand by silently and watch the Democratic Party trade our Liberal principles away under the ruse of compromise or we can use the example of the tens of thousands of voters of Wisconsin and become active from the ground up.

04 Apr 2011

Robert Kennedy for President (1968)

Any questions? ~~~Edited by Moderator for video fix~~~

27 Feb 2011

Move the 2012 Democratic National Convention to Madison, Wisconsin

Is there any more obvious decision than this one? Will someone start a petition to request the DNC to withdraw their decision to hold the 2012 Democratic National Convention being held in union-unfriendly Charlotte, North Carolina, and relocate it to Madison, Wisconsin? Let’s repay and say thank you to the

15 Jun 2010

Mr. Obama, Here is a K.I.S.S. Solution

A K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) plan for saving the Gulf of Mexico

07 May 2010

John Garamendi in 2012

Liberals need to find a candidate for the Presidential primary in 2012. This is my suggestion. What is yours? Obama must move to the left for our support.

04 Apr 2010

An Open Letter to President Obama

How Democrats can win in November

18 Mar 2010

One Final Question Before Healthcare Reform is Enacted

The obvious question no one has asked or answered.

20 Jan 2010

Dear Mr. President: How to Become a Liberal in 90 Days

Make the following changes in the next 90 days and you and your party will survive the next two election cycles by igniting your real base – Liberals and Independents.