19 Jun 2013

Restore One Dollar In Meals-On-Wheels Funding and Save Fifty Dollars in Medical Costs.

Today’s hearing on “Reducing Senior Poverty & Hunger: The Role of the Older Americans Act,” was brief but to the point: Restore the Sequester Cuts to the programs which serve the older Americans and add 12% to the funding for Meals on Wheels. 4 million Seniors live on less that 11,000

30 May 2013

Censoring Collateral Murder Will Not Stop the Truth

Yesterday, in an interview with Democracy Now, Julian Assange described how the Collateral Murder video had been redacted from his presentation at Oxford-Union. From the transcript: JULIAN ASSANGE: Right now I am inside the embassy, as I have been for 11 months. Before that, I was under house arrest for approximately 590 days,

09 May 2013

Senator Sanders Demands That The Rich Pay Their Fair Share Of Social Security.

I. Sanders Says Tax The Rich At Yesterday’s Social Security Summit. The Social Security fight has taken a new turn. Senator Sanders is demanding that the rich and corporations pay their fair share in taxes, both to close the small gap for Social Security and to address the government’s need

24 Apr 2013

There’s No Bump Up From The Chained CPI If You Are Already Dead

In my last post about the chained CPI an expert described how 9.4 million retired low-income workers will not be protected from the corrosive slow-motion cuts of the chained CPI. Half of those affected retired workers will receive a Social Security benefit of less than 1275.03 per month. (The chained

19 Apr 2013

Protecting The Vulnerable From the Chained CPI.

I. 9.4 million low-income Social Security recipients will not be protected from the chained cpi. There is probably a special level in Hell for Liberal Enablers who offer false reassurance that ‘vulnerable groups’ will be protected from the benefit-eroding consequences of the chained cpi. The idea that the most vulnerable

18 Apr 2013

Pitting the Old Against the Young: A “Class War” Act

Pitting The Old Against The Young Recent efforts by “class war” opinion-shapers Brownstein and Ezra Klein, to pit the generations against each other,— give the impression that the elderly are the beneficiary of Federal governmental largesse to the detriment of children. Further study shows that local governments and State governments

12 Apr 2013

A Pop-Up, Class War, Attack-Doll.

This fellow shows up for class war in his “all deficit reduction, all of the time” mode in the New York Times Op-Eds. I already wrote about his exaggeration of the current costs of Medicare and Social Security. And, about his minimization of the negative impact of the chained cpi,

11 Apr 2013

The Circle of The Vulnerable Is Wider Than They Think

This is a reapplication of an earlier piece. You can skip to the Update:The Poor Would Be Forgotten, below if you wish. We are all inside that circle. If they had thought through the implications of what they planned to do with the Chained-CPI-Social Security cuts and cuts to medical care,

10 Apr 2013

Income Security For The 1%.

The President’s Budget Offers a Fig Leaf of Raising Taxes On The Rich. The 2014 Budget does not go far enough to tax the 1%. “Mr. Obama would raise an estimated $580 billion in new revenues over a decade mainly through two ways. For the fifth time he is proposing

09 Apr 2013

Mr. Lew to Berlin: Don’t Do What Obama Is Doing Here

I. Treasury Secretary Lew Goes to Berlin, NPR interviews him about the budget Treasury Secretary Lew goes to Berlin. Mr. Lew encourages Europeans to reduce their austerity measures because they are ruining their economies. He wants Europeans to spur their demand or spending. That is a good suggestion. Lew has pressed European