19 Dec 2011

The Ultimate Anti Newt TV Ad

In case Newt Gingrich does get the GOP nomination, my group, AmericanLP, wants to be ready. So we are in planning stages for casting and shooting a commercial like the one below. Please contact me if you know anyone who would be interested in starring in the ad. Open Casting

16 Dec 2011

Who Won the Republican Debate Last Night?

The debate was a bit of a mixed bag with no clear-cut winners or losers. Here is the breakdown: Newt Gingrich—Newt had horrible moments and great moments. When Newt goes on and on explaining why he was paid $1.6 million by a federal entity to NOT be a lobbyist, he

15 Dec 2011

MSNBC Becomes Apologist for Mitt Romney’s Klan Quotes

Right-wing lunacy has won again! MSNBC yesterday forced itself to apologize for telling the truth about Mitt Romney’s rhetorical ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Here’s the background: The good folks at Americablog.com reported that Mitt Romney has again used the phrase “keep America American” in a recent speech. The

14 Dec 2011

Foxnews Rejects French Mitt Romney Ad

My office just got off the phone with Erin Kelly, head of political ad sales at the Fox News Channel. She told us our ad “French Romney” was rejected because everything Fox airs “has to be truthful.” No, I’m not making this up. 60 seconds after the call ended, Erin

09 Dec 2011

Is Mitt Romney Too Smart for the Republican Base?

A lot has been written about Mitt Romney’s flip flopping on important philosophical and public policy issues, but does he have a greater problem with the GOP electorate? Perhaps Romney appears too smart, as in the intellectual variety. You don’t have to be Bill Maher (he calls the GOP the

07 Dec 2011

Mitt Romney Going on First Sunday Morning Talk Show in a Year and a Half

Mitt Romney has been running a great media campaign—if you are an incumbent sitting on top of a strong economy and high approval ratings. Unfortunately for Mitt, his strategy of avoiding the media has allowed his opponents to define him, and the news establishment to mock him. Here are the

06 Dec 2011

Herman Cain Target of FEC Investigation Demand

December 5, 2011 Cynthia l. Bauerly Chair, Federal Election Commission 999 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20463 Dear Madame Bauerly: I respectfully request that you begin an immediate fraud investigation in the Friends of Herman Cain, Inc political action committee on the grounds that it is a fraudulent operation that

05 Dec 2011

Best wishes to Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks

Good luck and congrats to Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks on their debut tonight on Current TV. Cenk really paid his dues during a lot of lean years to build a significant audience and he is rightly reaping the rewards now. Regardless of whether you love Cenk or not,

02 Dec 2011

Newt Gingrich for President! – The Liberal Democratic Perspective

Imagine you are a longtime Republican Party activist just returning to the United States after a year-long vacation abroad. At home you turn on your computer and go to the Drudge Report and see that the Democrats somehow managed to change the constitution and nominated Fidel Castro for President. First,

28 Nov 2011

What should be the top Marginal Tax Rates on the Wealthy?

Economist Paul Krugman writes today in the NY Times that there is no reason that tax rates on the super wealthy shouldn’t go higher than they were during the Clinton era—39%. Certainly, nobody has been wiser or more correct regarding the economy and taxation than Krugman has during the last