28 Mar 2012

SG Verrilli’s Horrible Opening Arguments

http://www.tjwalker.com/2012/03/28/solicitor-general-verrilli-makes-horrible-opening-arguments-in-front-of-supreme-court/ Solicitor General Verrilli began his opening arguments in defense of the Affordable Care Act, as many commentators have noted, like a nerd asking the “hot girl” out on a date. In other words, it was awful. For one of the most important court cases in modern history, and perhaps

12 Mar 2012

Primary Preview: Newt and Santorum on Edge

Tuesday’s Alabama and Mississippi primaries are all-important for Republican presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Each are staking their campaigns on how well they perform Tuesday night, and bolstering that whoever loses should drop out. Gingrich has essentially been banking his campaign on his performance in the South since

05 Mar 2012

Mitt Romney Has a 2 in 3 Chance of beating Obama and has already won the GOP Nomination

Yes, Mitt Romney is a terrible political candidate. Sure, Santorum could embarrass Romney in Ohio. Gingrich could raise questions by winning Georgia. And Paul could upset Romney in some small caucus state. And of course, Romney will continue to stick his foot in his mouth and say things to remind

02 Mar 2012

American LP Daily News Brief March 2, 2012

Republicans are begrudgingly coming to grips with the presidential candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Tuesday night, Romney won both the Michigan and Arizona primaries and it’s becoming clear that Romney should be able to secure the nomination. These wins though do not bode well for republicans when it

01 Mar 2012

Rush Limbaugh Calls College Co-ed a Prostitute and Slut — AmericanLP Daily Briefing

TJ Walker remarks on the statement by Rush Limbaugh about women who take birth control. http://youtu.be/IUv_Laj_ukc

28 Feb 2012

Bailout Binging Bainster TV Ad

We at AmericanLP have created a new ad to spotlight Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy on the issue of bailouts. By now, most observers have learned that Mitt Romney was against a bailout for Detroit. But what even many political insiders don’t realize is that Mitt Romney has been the beneficiary of

17 Feb 2012

Daily National 2/17 Breifing

AmericanLP covers all the top headlines in politics on both sides of the aisle in this morning’s news brief. Major headlines yesterday once again pointed to a rebounding economy. New applications for unemployment hit a 4-year low. Also, the DNC released a new ad, which you can view at the

13 Feb 2012

Is Mitt Romney “Severely Freudian?”

If you are like me, you are probably still poking your finger in your ear trying to figure out if you heard Mitt Romney correctly when he called himself a “Severely conservative Republican.” That one goes in the gaffe hall of fame for numerous reasons. Here is a new radio

10 Feb 2012


Watch AmericanLP’s New Ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcWViJbIm0o What are Mitt Romney’s “In-Context” Economic Views? Mitt Romney and his campaign have complained incessantly about being quoted “out-of-context” on his economic views. In an effort to help the Romney campaign we have gathered all of his economic views in one place and organized them

06 Feb 2012

Has Mitt Romney Shown Religious Intolerance?

Has Mitt Romney Shown Religious Intolerance? Here is a new rough draft for a TV commercial I will be producing for the Democratic Super PAC AmericanLP. Please send me suggestions and criticisms. “Religious Tolerance” :60 Second TV Ad *** Opening video of Rev Jeremiah Wright “God Damn America!” Voiceover: “Intolerance