16 Oct 2012

Do we really have a National debt problem? Hell yes we are not spending enough!

Mitt wants to cut government spending, even as he increases military spending just to give the rich a tax cut.  Obama seems open to the idea of cutting Social Security but not giving the rich a tax cut because both parties agree  the National Debt is just too damm big.

12 Sep 2012

Social Darwinism or My Brothers Keeper what strategy works best in the Real World?

My theory is that the states that gave Senator John McCain his biggest margin of victory are the states where Conservative ideas about government are practiced the most at the local level. The States that gave President Obama his biggest margin of victory are the states that practice Lefty ideas

24 Aug 2012

Mexican Drug Gang Zetas trained at the School for the America’s

The Zetas, hired assassins for the Gulf Cartel, feature 31 ex-soldiers once part of an elite division of the Mexican army – the Special Air Mobile Force Group. At least one-third of this battalion’s deserters was trained at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga., according to documents

21 Aug 2012

Phyllis Schlafly defends Akin and Macaca

Republican party leaders may be working to push Rep. Todd Akin out of the Missouri Senate race, but leading social conservatives continue to rally to his side. Fellow Missourian Phyllis Schlafly said late Monday that Akin should remain in the race and compared his treatment by party leaders to former Va.

14 Aug 2012

Monica Crowley, Ann Coulter not happy with Mitt

  Monica Crowley DONE: Romney Proves Himself an Inbred Male Sarah Palin If the disaster in Britain today is any indication, Romney might be WORSE than a male Sarah Palin; he might actually be DUMBER than she is. Is THIS why the GOP tried to avoid him at all costs?

10 Aug 2012

Walmart vs Costco

If you run a business that is dependent on Government  Corporate Welfare and still can’t make a profit without paying your workers less than a living wage but other companies still offer lower prices a living wage and better healthcare.                   Then

06 Aug 2012

A Windmill on a blimp Why?

                              A Windmill on a blimp Why? Costs it only takes days not weeks to set up a wind turbine on a blimp vs building a wind power tower with cranes. A wind turbine at 1,000 feet

04 Jul 2012

Chicago heatwave

I noticed we had a heat wave on St Patricks day when my beer got warm before I could finish drinking it. On the heels of its warmest winter in 80 years, it stands to reason that Chicago can also celebrate its warmest month of March on record. According to the

01 Jul 2012

Sunday Preaching I talked to God and I asked Why?

Why God why don’t you get off your Ass and do something the world is going to hell in a hand basket and according to the Bible you have been on vacation for 2,000 years since there have been no new chapters in the Bible since then. WTF ! Things

01 Jul 2012

Sunday Preaching the false books of the Bible in particular Leviticus 18:22, 24 in particular

1. that the “Book of the Law,” described in II Kings äs “found” by the priest Hilkiah in the year 621 B.C., during the repairing of Solomon’s Temple, was the nucieus of the Book of Deuteronomy; 2. that on the basis of this alleged find, all the earlier historical and