21 Jul 2013

The Cost of Iraq War, The WorldWide cost of Oil subsidies and the cost of a Volt

If you google Chevy Volt pays for itself you find a bunch of articles like this Chevy Volt pays for itself in just 27 years. A graphic from the right-wing NY Times shows the break-even times for buyers who purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid, electric or otherwise eco-friendly vehicle vs. the approximate

13 Jul 2013

High School dropouts down, number of people with Bachelors up since 1990

High school drop out rates down nearly 50% the number of people with Bachelor’s degrees up over 50% since 1990. Are schools are not failing. If you look at the charts below you will see that funding for schools doubled since 1990. There appears to be a 1 on 1

05 Jul 2013

Compare: Keystone Pipeline costs $7 billion / a new wind Project costs $7-$8 billion

The TransWest Express (TWE) Transmission & Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project would produce 9 million megawatt hours a year. At a cost of $80 a megawatt hour Coal produces a megawatt hour for $90. This cost is figured out without ANY federal or state wind subsidies. It would also create

22 Jun 2013

Sunday Preaching: girls as young as fourteen are being sent to Syria to service the sexual needs of the rebel soldiers.

An update on Syria from the Atlantic: Tunisia’s salafists have begun recruiting young women for what they call “sexual jihad.” As documented by investigative reporter Hanène Zbiss, girls as young as fourteen are being sent to Syria to service the sexual needs of the rebel soldiers. Obama is giving aid to sex traffickers.

18 Jun 2013

What FDL can do about internet spying

http://www.storyleak.com/nsa-documents-prism-internet-chats-avoid-spied-on/ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/06/12/1215763/-PRIZM-break-Net-products-that-do-NOT-track-you These links have some ideas to avoid being spied on but I would prefer the techies at FDL weigh in and give us their ideas. Also the best way to protest American spying is once the techies weigh in and give us our best options to avoid spying

10 Jun 2013

Why is the GOP so clueless on the Asian Vote?

According to exit polls in the Nov. 6 election, Asian American voters favored Obama over Romney by a ratio of more than 3-to-1 (76 percent versus 23 percent) http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/view_from_chicago/2012/11/why_did_asian_americans_vote_for_president_obama.html Asians are wealthier than many other groups and better educated so why aren’t they voting Republican? I thought the GOP was

03 Jun 2013

If the Keystone Pipeline is such a great idea why are Private Investors fleeing?

When big investors sell stock you sell stock why big investors know more than you do about whats really going on in a company.

When big investors are willing to lose money selling stock you sell your stock for any price you can get.

When big investors are willing to take a $1.65 billion loss in this case about a $3 loss for every dollar invested ( $4 become $1 ). then Sell Now!

25 May 2013

Russians have to evacuate North pole Research Station because the ice is melting.

Russia has ordered an “urgent” evacuation of it’s drifting ice station known as North Pole-40 that sits on top Arctic sea ice, because of disintegrating sea ice that is posing dangerous conditions to reseachers. The scientific research station was placed on the ice floe in October 2012 and was planned to stay

22 May 2013

Vitamin C does not help with TB

In a striking, unexpected discovery, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have determined that vitamin C kills drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) bacteria in laboratory culture. The finding suggests that vitamin C added to existing TB drugs could shorten TB therapy, and it highlights a new area for

21 May 2013

Oklahoma Tornadoes and building codes

If the Oklahoma wants federal money to rebuild we must insist that every home be rebuilt with a basement and schools, hospitals etc must be rebuilt to withstand the strongest tornadoes. If free market types don’t like it then we should not be forced to keep paying to rebuild towns