16 Oct 2008

Why Private Health Care Insurance costs more when you can least afford to pay more.

Private Health Insurance costs rise when the economy goes down because the Insurance Companies have to make up the money they lose when the economy goes down so they charge you.
But there is a better way.

14 Oct 2008

Bank Bailouts for the Rich because the system has no liquidity (Credit) but nothing for the Poor?

A Micro Finance loan program for the poor instead of the payday loan system would lift people out of poverty. Current Social Programs are just enough to let people live we must give more to get those who can get out of poverty get enough cash to get established and get out of the system even if its only for a few years. The savings to tax payers might justify such an expense.

08 Oct 2008

Is John McCain a Racist?

Why I think John is a Racist.

04 Oct 2008

Feel Depressed about the Government bailout of the Banks? Do you think that all hope is gone?

Well Happy Days are here again Everything we Dreamed of National Healthcare, Government help to build hybrid cars, Green Power etc After all FDR raised taxes, created jobs, fixed the economy etc all by raising taxes!
Yeah I know the GOP says that it would kill jobs but are things really worse now than when FDR became President? All Obama needs is the Stones to do it!

30 Sep 2008

Hedge Funds: Is Tuesday the Beginning of the End?

Once a quarter Hedges have to return money if their clients ask then they typically have 45 days. Considering how bad the market is I suspect that a lot of folks will want out.

30 Sep 2008

How much bad Homeloans/Forclosures will hurt hedge funds and ultimately the banks.

To fix the financial crisis we must first understand its size. As far as hedge funds are concerned the Foreclosure rate on homes gives us a number as to its size. If not a time when the banks will be forced to ask for more collateral from the hedge funds which will force many of them out of business.