27 Oct 2014

Are Charter and Public schools really better?

Lets assume you spend $20,000 a year per kid on private school you would expect your kids not to need legacy admissions to get into the ivy league but 10-30% of students in the Ivy League will need help to get into an Ivy League college unfortuantly there are no exact numbers of how many legacy students went to private schools or charter schools but odds are very very few went to public schools.

17 Oct 2014

Things the election 2014 pollsters are not taking into account 2

what do GOP voters have to be enthusiastic about? The GOP is playing down running against Obamacare or else they would have had the House do another vote to repeal Obamacare before the election (how many of these votes have they had already 3)? The GOP House is not threatening to shut down the government before the election to motivate their base. Where is the beef? er Red Meat for the GOP voter this election?

13 Oct 2014

Things the election 2014 pollsters are not taking into account

if polling was sooo great at predicting elections then why has modern computer polling never predicted that an election had been stolen because the election results did not jive with the pollsters results??

11 Oct 2014

Why we need the Comics Code Odin, Thor Patricide Genocide

Brainwashing starts when the young learn to love heroes like Odin, Thor etc then learn the truth later on of course many will deny the truth and stick to pleasant fantasy. This trend is encouraged in school histories where pioneers are not made out to be the genocidal American Indian killing manics they were ( I mean small pox blankets given to Indian children just how low can you get?) Now we deny climate change because its inconvient to a few rich oil men’s revenue stream. The portrait of Dorian Grey that is American comics, history, science and MainStream Media hides a Dodo bird sticking his head ever deeper with each new lie into the sand waiting to go extinct.

06 Oct 2014

Lower oil prices, Natural Gas Prices are now the enemy???

A drop in oil and natural gas prices could threaten 16 percent of all private sector jobs! Our economy can’t absorb a loss like that! Drill Baby Drill More Wars for Oil! Never Mind Fracking costs more than you get selling the energy even at current prices! The Government will bailout the banks again its all good!/s (sarcasm)

06 Oct 2014

Fracking Oct 2014 still not making money

$106 billion + $16.5 billion = $ 122.5 billion + 25.9 billion = $148.4 billion

At this rate of growth the Fracking industry will be over a trillion dollars in debt very soon. What happens if the Oil Companies that owe taxes to the Government cannot pay? The Federal Budget assumes they will pay but every year their debts just keep growing larger. Will Social Security payments be cut?

19 Aug 2014

What I want to know about Ferguson

1) I read about police being fired on from a truck but the truck got away but with that many police with police cars, military vehicles and I’m pretty sure police helicopters and police snipers surveying the crowd I don’t see how anyone could lose a truck.

09 Aug 2014

Treating Psychopaths bigger return on investment than Charter Schools

if the results from Wisconsin could be replicated then a $7 dollar return in 4 years for every dollar invested is much better than the return you get from Charter schools of $2 back for every $1 invested over 7 years.

09 Aug 2014

Megyn Kelly the next Lefty boycott target?

Every once in a while the Left boycotts a Media personality who uses lies to spread hate because their case is so weak they must lie to make it. If Divide and Conquer is how the 1% keeps power consumer boycotts against these Hate Mongers is one of the few

01 Aug 2014

California 100% Green energy by 2050 1,000 of jobs, billions saved in healthcare costs

Stanford University has a new study showing that while a wind, water and sunlight conversion may result in initial capital cost increases, such as the cost of building renewable energy power plants, these costs would be more than made up for over time by the elimination of fuel costs. The