07 May 2013

Minnesota Law Review: Corporatists on Supreme Court

A recent study, published in the Minnesota Law Review, has found the Roberts Court extremely friendly to corporations. The study is significant, as it includes members of the status quo, including a professor of law and political science from USC, a professor of law and economics from the University of

12 Mar 2013

We’ve Been Providing Wall Street’s Next Bailout Fund

In this post, “The Vanishing Middle Class,” I left off with this sentiment: “There are no saviors remaining, and the next storm will be too big to control.” Substantive changes, alas, usually emerge only through substantive shocks. Yet, if we can channel the proper momentum towards these upcoming changes, not

05 Mar 2013

The Vanishing Middle Class

The Waters Begin to Churn During my return to graduate school a few years ago, I had enrolled in a class on international political economy and a requirement, naturally, was to complete a paper. I elected to write on Japan’s “Lost Decade.” Before I dove into the topic’s research, I

29 Jan 2013

The Dirty Secrets of Clean Hydrogen

We placed a man on the moon in less than a decade after the call to action. Why can’t we do the same for hydrogen? On June 14, 2011, Bloomberg News reported that Energy Secretary Steven Chu “whose mandate includes getting more fuel-efficient cars on U.S. roads, is disregarding advisers

28 Dec 2012

Freddie and Fannie Crap Gold Eggs for Wall Street

Despite all the blathering in early 2011, from both sides of the aisle, regarding attempts to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and here and here and here), securities guaranteed by these government-backed entities (yes, government backed… let’s no longer pretend U.S. taxpayers are not on the hook for these

19 Dec 2012

Thinking and the Federal Deficit.

Thinking and the federal deficit mat be two concepts that won’t often appear together – and from the public discourse one could say mutually exclusive – but if we get to the heart of the matter, both concepts are in critical need of being tied together. The days of believing

18 Dec 2012

Intelligent Evolution

“By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.” – Genesis 2:2 And so the story of the universe’s creation ends in Genesis. Evolution versus creationism – or intelligent design – is

10 Dec 2012

Money in Politics – Innovation and Employment Suffers

After the Federal government’s debt-ceiling debacle in the summer of 2011, I posted a very brief white paper outlining some suggested reforms, aimed at reducing the massive dysfunctionality that seems to have taken root in D.C. One of those suggestions involved campaign financing: “All organizations, profit or non-profit, should be

04 Dec 2012

Angry Over the 1%? Pursue the Proper Equality.

This is one of the most contentious posts that I have written (originally posted at The Small “r”), and many may read it superficially and jump to incorrect or under-informed conclusions. Nevertheless, this realization does not hinder me from adding to such a vitally important debate in America…. The premise

26 Nov 2012

Transitioning to the Post-Consumer Society

James Howard Kunstler, over at The Burning Platform, offers a view on a nascent post-consumer society in the making – Time for No-Tech – a favorite topic of mine. Long on rose color and short on pragmatism, Kunstler avoids the need by ending on this note: Farewell to the auto