19 Jul 2012

Romney 2012: A Study in Why Ethics Matters

[Originally posted at a blog of mine here, where you can find plenty more Romney analysis.) … This post draws substantially on a post of mine from the 2008 election.  (Also posted at FDL)  In that post I used a VP candidate’s behavior to illustrate some ethical problems.  This time,

30 May 2009

Neocon Thinking Exposed: Arm yourself to Decode the Right-Wing

How to “read” neocon words and actions, based upon a few basic principles derived from the teachings of Leo Strauss. This will “arm” you in battling neocon thinking, strategy, and behavior.

27 May 2009

Marcy Wheeler and Freedom of the Press

A tribute to Marcy, to her to freedom of speech and of the press, and an invitation to sign on to that tribute via commenting or donating.

22 May 2009

Prison Reform, Mental Health, and Torture

An essay on the interrelationships between these three.

21 May 2009

Does Abu Zubaida Suffer from ‘Hypergraphia’?

Converging evidence suggests Abu Zubaida has a brain disorder which leads to compulsive writing.

10 May 2009

Like Big Brother: Fox Propaganda is Everywhere

Fox News has some type of scam going, whereby waiting rooms, hotels, motels, restaurants all have TV’s tune to Fox News. Not only that, you can’t turn the volume off!

26 Apr 2009

The Terrible Intimacy of Torture

I don’t want to write this post. You don’t want to read it. It is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it meant for those unable to wear their heart upon their sleeve.

23 Apr 2009

The Post I Didn’t Write

The Theme of the post is: What does “shock the conscience” mean? (How would you demonstrate that convincingly?) I use several extreme examples.

19 Oct 2008

Obama: Transformational – but How?

This thread is an invitation to search your heart and soul: How is Obama a transformational figure? For you. For us. The nation. The world. How do we see this man? And how is that “seeing” transformational?

11 Oct 2008

Failure to Draw Boundaries: WHY ETHICS MATTERS

A list of general problems resulting from failure to draw boundary lines between the personal and the professional – especially in political life. Lessons you can learn from Sarah Palin – a walking ethics casebook! Together with why character and temperament are so important in choosing leaders.