12 Nov 2008

Envisioning Obama’s Healthcare Agenda

Views on healthcare in the new administration from across the progressive media spectrum.

11 Nov 2008

Kicking The Wall Street Habit

Economic progress or feeding Wall Street habit? Which will Barack Obama choose?

06 Nov 2008

Yes We Can (Be Healthy): Obama’s Healthcare Agenda

Barack Obama’s healthcare agenda at a glance.

04 Nov 2008

Electing the New Economy

Welcome to The Media Consortium’s Economy MediaWire project! Check this space every Tuesday for a discussion of the best economic coverage available on the information superhighway.

03 Nov 2008

Your Streets, Your Stories: What Live From Main Street Found on the Trail

In a world of political sound-bites and talking heads, it’s nearly impossible for everyday people and grassroots leaders to get the attention of the media. In June, The Media Consortium launched Live From Main Street, a five-episode town hall series hosted by Laura Flanders that set out to overcome that challenge. We wanted to go beyond horse-race campaign coverage to uncover how issues like the housing crisis are impacting communities around the country–and to shine a light on the grassroots activists that are making a difference. Live From Main Street traveled to Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Columbus and Seattle to seek out the voices ignored by the mainstream media.

02 Nov 2008

Toil and Trouble

Roundup for the week from the John McCain Newsladder