11 Dec 2008

Weekly Immigration Wire: Harvesting Hate in Hard Economic Times

With the economy sowing fear, and hate crimes against the immigrant
population and Latinos/Hispanics in general claiming victims left and
right, today’s Weekly Immigration Wire takes a look at what groups of
people coming together can do positively, as well as negatively. On
one side we have the GOP and groups like FAIR stoking racism,
xenophobia, and exclusivity, and on the other we have forces coming
together to unify, such as the case with the unions beginning to work
with immigrant groups in Chicago, and the “Compact for Racial
Justice,” formed by NYers in California.

10 Dec 2008

The Weekly Pulse: Good News and Bad News

There has been good news and bad news in healthcare this week. On the plus side, momentum continues to build for healthcare reform on both a national and state-by-state level. Unfortunately, those sneaky rules changes at the Department of Health and Human Services appear to be a done deal.

09 Dec 2008

Weekly Audit: Chicago workers strike back, jobs strike out, Obama strikes new New Deal

President-elect Barack Obama rolled out his highly anticipated priorities for an economic recovery package this weekend, but the current Congress remains focused on bailouts, with the fate of U.S. automobile manufacturers still hanging in the balance.

Mike Madden details the Detroit drama for Salon.com, reporting on how lawmakers who would ordinarily be receptive to a salvage plan have become skeptical in the wake of the Bush administration’s handling of the Wall Street bailout. After being promised that their votes would be used to help fend off foreclosures, members of Congress have responded with outrage as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has devoted all of his legislatively allocated funds to the purchase of preferred stock in financial companies.

04 Dec 2008

Connecting People and Policies–from Mumbai to Arizona

This week in immigration; a roundup from progressive publications from The Media Consortium.

02 Dec 2008

Weekly Audit: It’s a recession, stupid (and what that means)

We can finally call this period of economic decline a recession.

26 Nov 2008

Weekly Pulse: Pro-Choice Cabinet Picks Boon for Health At Home and Abroad

It’s finally official: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Some observers thought Clinton was a curious pick because she made a point of differentiating her foreign policy views from Obama’s during the Democratic primary.

25 Nov 2008

Arranging Mr. Geithner’s Priorities Economy NewsLadder

President-elect Barack Obama announced his economic transition team yesterday–and we’ll get to that–but first let’s take a look at the top economic stories from the week that you might not have heard–but need to know.

With so many recent headlines detailing the government’s policy position on some of the nation’s largest corporations, it’s important to remember that economic policy ought to include people living at the other end of the economic spectrum.

20 Nov 2008

The Secretary and the Czar: Obama Bets Big on Daschle for Healthcare

Tom Daschle becomes Secretary of Health and Human Services.

19 Nov 2008

Healthcare: Out with the Old, In With the New

Addressing Healthcare in Congress.

18 Nov 2008

Botching the Bailout

The Bush Administration blowing the bailout.