15 Jan 2009

Weekly Immigration Wire: Trapped Behind a Mesh of Broken Law

“It is as if we get comfortable and forget our own histories. The tales of struggle and dreaming and working and persecution—is this not America? Are these not our stories? Would we throw our own past into prison?”

14 Jan 2009

Weekly Pulse: Are We There Yet?

This week, the Pulse takes what doctors call a “watchful waiting stance.”
Obama’s healthcare team is coming together and Congress is poised to score an early victory on health insurance for kids, to the dismay of Big Tobacco and Republican ideologues.

13 Jan 2009

Weekly Audit: Filling FDR’s Shoes

It’s been another exciting and frightening week for the U.S. economy.
As the debate heated up over the economic stimulus package, the Department of Labor announced that the unemployment rate jumped to 7.2% and retirement accounts continued to dissolve. Nevertheless, the overwhelming deterioration creates an enormous opportunity for President-elect Barack Obama to overhaul the U.S. economy. What should be done? Find out it the latest Weekly Audit!

08 Jan 2009

2009 is Make or Break Year for Immigration Reform

“The new year rushes upon us with momentum born of crisis and necessity. In every direction one looks, change is needed—and not cosmetic alteration, but deep, structural repair. The issue of immigration is no exception.”

07 Jan 2009

Weekly Pulse: America’s Next Top Doctor

2009 is already shaping up to be a year of healthcare surprises.

Yesterday we learned that America’s second-favorite TV doctor will probably become the next Surgeon General. America’s favorite TV doctor, House, flunked the vetting process when he was determined to be a drug addict and a fictional character. So, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, will likely become America’s next top doctor.

06 Jan 2009

Weekly Audit: Curbing Decline in 2009

After a full year of woefully inadequate government responses to dire economic conditions, Barack Obama will inherit an economy that faces challenges on just about every front.

Progressive media has been keeping a spotlight on low wages, abusive credit card policies and weak student loan programs of late, while maintaining a focus on Obama’s pending economic recovery package.

19 Dec 2008

Hilda Solis: Get Excited

Follow up Economy NewsLadder post on the potential Secretary of Labor pick.

18 Dec 2008

Weekly Immigration Wire: From Brooklyn Streets to Hollywood Blvd, Responses to Growing Tension

Over here, you have people working together to overcome changes that scare just about everyone. And over there, people are taking advantage of the fear that often accompanies these changes. In this season of giving and love and familia, may you and yours be surrounded by those who fight with and for you

17 Dec 2008

Weekly Pulse: Public Health Insurance Would Be Too Good and We’d Like It Too Much, Republicans Warn

Right wing critics of healthcare reform are warning us that public health insurance will be too good an we’ll like it too much. Seriously.

The insurance companies love the idea of a mandate–which would force everyone to buy their flawed and increasingly expensive product. However, the companies are terrified of the other component of healthcare reform: A public insurance option to compete with private insurance.

Defenders of the insurance industry are openly arguing that private insurance couldn’t compete with cheaper government-run options.

The existence of a so-called “public plan” is where the battle lines are being draw in the upcoming showdown on healthcare. Will we get government-run insurance or will the insurance companies keep their lucrative lock on healthcare dollars?

16 Dec 2008

Weekly Audit: A Year of Bad Decisions

Weekly economy roundup from the Economy NewsLadder.