11 Sep 2014

No Sale

At some point, we must say, “No.” At some point, we must recognize that every member of Al Queda or ISIL we kill comes back to haunt us – in the form of five more recruits. Five more people who hate us. Who are determined to pay us back. Who

02 Jul 2014

The United States is a Failed Experiment

Capitalism is endemic to the American way of life. Since the earliest days of its founding, the United States has valued, praised, and encouraged “free enterprise” as a hallmark of individual initiative and a key element in citizens’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All that changed

18 May 2014

Dear Son: I’m Spinning In My Grave

Artie: What the hell are you thinking? Is your memory really that short? Your male pride that excessive? Or your desire to become the pet of the government that irresistible? I gotta tell you, Junior. When the rumors first surfaced up here on Wednesday, I had my doubts. My own

14 May 2014

New Yorker: NYT Editor Fired for Seeking Gender-Neutral Wage

From the “Love Me I’m A Liberal” department: The New Yorker is reporting that today’s firing of The New York Times’ first female Executive Editor, Jill Abramson, occurred because she was “pushy” with the paper’s masters er, CEO and owner. Specifically, Abramson demanded equal pay for equal work, and Art

16 Apr 2014

Thompson Knew in ’72

Go to GoodReads, search on Hunter S. Thompson, and you’ll get first-page results like this: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used

17 Feb 2014

Small Act. Clear Message.

Tired of the DNC filing up your mailbox? Christ knows I am. So I’m helping these morons figure it out: Not that it’ll change anything: If the DNC had any intention of giving a shit about the distinction between words and deeds, we’d have smelled it a long time ago.

15 Feb 2014

Livestream: Building Progressive Power

A conference on building progressing power, duplicating the highly successful one held last month in Duluth, is under way today in Minneapolis. Watch via Livestream here. If you are in the Twin Cities, try to attend this free event, at 4200 Cedar Avenue. occupymn on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free Activists

11 Feb 2014

Want a Living Wage? DEMAND IT

For years which have become decades, Democratic candidates have run on improving working conditions for all Americans, starting with better pay. All we have to do, they’ve told us, is elect them. But when we have, one of two things always happens: Nothing, or Far too little, much too late.

28 Jan 2014

UPDATED: Twin Cities Forum, Feb. 15

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY JAN 29, 2 P.M. EST: Building on the Duluth forum mentioned in the original text (below) Minneapolis will play host to another forum on “Building Progressive Political Power” on February 15. More info can be found on the event’s Facebook page, here. ORIGINAL POST: The New Progressive Alliance is

27 Jul 2013

The New Face of “Terror”?? Seniors with Spray Paint

When people ask my religion I usually respond, “Recovering Catholic.” If there is one faith that has mastered the subjugation of its followers by any means necessary (fear, guilt, major motion pictures) AND the inserting of itself into socio-political debates when frankly nobody asked for its damned opinion, it is Catholicism.