21 Jul 2009

Study: Public Option Saves the $200 Billion

If we’re serious about containing costs, then we have to be serious about the public option.

20 Jul 2009

What the Public Option Means to the Chronically Ill

The House tri-committee bill and the Senate HELP bill would end the era of discrimination against the chronically ill.

19 Jul 2009

A Glimpse of a Future with a Public Option

The New York Times ran a story about how the fact that the number of insured children is increasing despite the economy due to SCHIP today; it’s a preview of a world with a public option.

18 Jul 2009

“Patients Are Always Left Out”

The fact that patients are never heard in Washington was laughed at on NPR yesterday.

17 Jul 2009

Dennis Kucinich Just Stopped Health Care Reform

Rep. Kucinich took $654,000 from the health care industry and just inserted a poison pill into the health care bill, yet progressives are still lauding him as a hero.

16 Jul 2009

Dennis Kucinich Took $39,450 from Health Industry in 2008

Is Dennis Kucinich opposing the public option because he really thinks it isn’t good enough, or because of the nearly $40,000 he took from health care interests in the last election cycle?