31 Jul 2009

Lives Are At Stake: Health Care Reform Must Happen NOW

I’ve had enough of waiting, the time for reform is now.

30 Jul 2009

The Secretive Six Can’t Believe Liberals Want a Seat at the Table

I’ve had enough, and some Senators have had enough too.

28 Jul 2009

Health Care Reform: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Jefferson’s words should be guiding our debate.

27 Jul 2009

Why Health Care Reform Must Be Passed Over Max Baucus’ Objections

Senator Baucus is trying to kill health care reform for his cronies/buddies turned lobbyists.

24 Jul 2009

Make the Call: Stop Harry Reid’s $3.31 Billion Vacation

The total cost for Harry Reid’s vacation is $3.31 billion.

23 Jul 2009

The Consequences of Failing to Pass Health Insurance Reform

America, and Americans, would lose if health insurance reform is not passed.

22 Jul 2009

Beltway Media: What Us Sacrifice?

The wealthy beltway journalist crowd just can’t believe that the President might be asking them to sacrifice for their fellow citizens.