15 Sep 2009

Rockefeller Opposes Baucuscare

This is getting to be interesting.

14 Sep 2009

Big Insurance Defines Abuse as a Pre-Existing Condition

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower, they do.

26 Aug 2009

The Dream Lives On

People may pass away, but dreams never die.

20 Aug 2009

Health Insurance is Socailist, but For Whom?

Health insurance is a socialist concept, but at the moment it’s socialism for rich people.

17 Aug 2009

How Co-Ops Could Work; Hint: Ignore Kent Conrad

Conrad probably doesn’t get that he’s on to something which may drastically alter the American health care system for the better.

16 Aug 2009

Universal Coverage, Not Terminology, Is Non-Negotiable

I understand the frustration, but think people need to realize that Kent Conrad and Max Baucus aren’t dictators of health care reform.

15 Aug 2009

Extremism is Always a Vice

Conservatism is wrong on this one.

14 Aug 2009

Specter Prompts a Grassley Twitter Outburst

There is something oddly hilarious about two 80 year old Senators dueling it out on Twitter.