15 Dec 2008

Beyond Prop 8: International Queer Rights

“As faith leaders who work every day with LGBT people who feel the stigma of discrimination, this U.N. initiative speaks to our core belief that we show our love for God when we care for our neighbors, particularly those who are shunned and marginalized.” As American queer and allied activists

12 Dec 2008

Why I Didn’t “Call in Gay”

I've been struggling with my thoughts on the recent “Day Without a Gay” protest, which sought to rally LGB (T?, the event didn't seem too trans-inclusive) individuals to step out of their daily activities and commit to a day of volunteering for the queer movement. Gay rights activist and (hot)

08 Dec 2008

Equal Marriage in Iowa, Closer Than We Think? Queer Orgs “Cautiously Optimistic”

Lambda Legal has dropped a very juicy quote about the upcoming equal marriage case in the Iowa Supreme Court Case: Last year County Judge Robert Hanson ruled that [Iowa's ban on same-sex marriage] violated the constitutional rights of due process and equal protection…. Lambda Legal, which represents the six couples

08 Dec 2008

A Queer Voice for Marijuana

“[Arresting people for] medical marijuana is the most hideous example of government interference in the private lives of individuals. It's an outrage within an outrage within an outrage.” – Peter McWilliams There was an American named Kiyoshi Kuromiya and he was a rabble-rouser. In fact, he defined the term rabble-rouser,

06 Dec 2008

Week in LGBT Comedy: “My Two Lesbian Moms Can Beat Up Your Six Wives”

Why this post? The LGBT community has had a rough election year, what with our rights being blocked a la constitutions now in Florida, Arizona and California (as well as our adoption rights taken away in Arkansas). A little laughter is more than called for: residents of the states where

29 Nov 2008

Marriage: It’s Not Just For The “Sexy” States Anymore

I'm still adjusting to life outside of a “sexy” state. I grew up in the electoral wet dream of Florida. That state is such a tease for progressives. It's always just around the corner for change, with an influx of new yorkers, new generation of cubans and booming urban bastions.

28 Nov 2008

One Small Step For The Queers? Office Etiquette Victory ;)

I don't know why this story caught my eye. Maybe it's that bigots don't pay attention to warning signs that they're behavior is just not going to be tolerated anymore. A British police officer who sent emails to other officers condemning homosexuality and calling for gays to seek the help

27 Nov 2008

What I’m Thankful For: Harvey Milk

This man was the queer movement's Barack Obama. His watchword was “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” and he used tactics those who recently watched Barack Obama’s campaign would easily recognize: register voters, get out the vote, organize relentlessly, empower your volunteers and supporters, and spread a message of

26 Nov 2008

Hi Reader, Meet The No More Mr Nice Mormons.

Thanks to Affirmation for posting these personal stories I’m very grateful to have heard from many of the readers about my previous post about the Mormon Church and our movement’s relationship with it. I received many passionate, heartfelt responses, many of which were strongly opposed to my stance, but which

24 Nov 2008

My Path To Equality Is Incomplete Without My Mormon Kin

Of all the tragedies in our nation due to the passage of proposition 8 this year, the most significant loss must indeed be the hardening of attitudes on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate. While equal marriage activists have largely recognized the groups of Mormons who actively opposed their