16 Mar 2007

Immoral Queers & Our Democratic Friends in ’08

Reading the news this week caused me to have a flashback to my school days. I’ve written before about the implications of Obama’s candidacy, being underwhelmed Democratic line-up for ’08 thus far, and having already lowered expectations on gay issues for the next few years. But seeing two of the

06 Mar 2007

Savaging Gay Families

We had a pretty good weekend with Parker. Nothing newsworthy or that I even planned on blogging about. That is, until I read about Michael Savages latest bit of bigoted blathering. Having just spent most of the weekend with our son, I couldn’t help seeing Savages remarks in that context.

27 Feb 2007

Marriage, Money & Race

Well, yesterday’s post about marriage, money, and Suze Orman’s coming out generated a lot of attention. I hadn’t intended to post about it again, except that somethings come up that I should have expected, but didn’t address in my initial post (which was running long anyway). It came up briefly

26 Feb 2007

Marriage, Money & Suze Orman

I’ve never read Suze Orman’s books, and I’ve only seen part of one of her television appearances. I got as far as writing down my “money fears,” as she called them, but no further. Talking finances alternately confuses me, frustrates me, and ? on occasion ? depresses me. But I

23 Feb 2007

Breaking Hearts & Telling Lies at “Love Won Out” – Pt. 1

Jim, over at Box Turtle Bulletin attended the “Love Won Out” conference in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this month. I can only imagine what it was like, but I’m sure I’d be loathe to subject myself to it. And that’s a shame, because I don’t know first hand what’s said and

22 Feb 2007

Banning Bullying?

I’ve written before about my experiences growing up gay and dealing with being bullied. More than 20 years later, in our own school district, we’re fighting a right wing attempt to derail sex-education curriculum that includes a unit on “Respect for Differences in Human Sexuality.” Other school districts are opposed

09 Feb 2007

What Can You Say?: Edwards, Bloggers and Religion

Well, when it comes to the Edwards blogger flap, quite a lot.  It’s been interesting to read through the aftermath of responses from all sides. Edwards’ statement on his blog has assured some religious groups of his intolerance of religious intolerance, but not everyone on what I guess could be

02 Feb 2007

Something Else About Mary

Not to beat a dead horse, but that last post about Mary Cheney felt incomplete to me. I wasn’t sure why until I read Robbie’s post, suggesting that gay activists ease up on Mary. I started writing this as a comment on his post, but it started running a little

01 Feb 2007

Mary Cheney & the Politics of Gay Parenting

I’m a wee bit out of sorts today, for various reasons, and wasn’t even sure I’d post much today. But, as we’re waiting to expand our family, I’ve been thinking a lot about the various things that have been said about gay parents, gay couples adopting, etc. And I’ve been