20 May 2007

Late Late Nite Sunday Nite

Hi all — Just so we don't crash the servers with all the night owl commenting, here's another thread, so have at it!

14 May 2007

Travel Tales

Sitting in for our beloved TRex who's homeward-bound from Jane's house tonight, I thought we could gather 'round the LateNite hearth to tell some travel tales.  The call of the far-off train whistle, the allure of the international air terminal, the excitement of not knowing what's around the bend on

11 May 2007

Silent Boehner

I was surprised to hear about the "Gang of Eleven" House GOP moderates who breached Bush's bubble this week. I was more surprised to learn in a WaPoOnline chat this morning that House Minority Leader Boehner attended the meeting: San Francisco: Hello Jonathan, these chats are great, thanks! What's the House GOP

05 May 2007

Is Goodling’s Attorney’s Assistant the DCMadam’s Assistant?

Scandals collide! — the BushCo-rattling USAttorneys scandal may have intersected with the titillating DCMadam scandal. And just in time, after the extraordinary buildup and letdown from ABCNews "investigative reporter" Brian Ross on Friday night (transcript). I guess 20/20 doesn't believe in full release and happy endings. The notion that variety

03 May 2007

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid

  (AIDS activists protesting Randy Tobias's speech at the 2004 Bangkok International AIDS Conference)   I couldn't give a flying f*** how ex-Deputy Secretary of State and PEPFAR Administrator Randall Tobias gets his sweet release. His personal life is none of my business. Whether he got just a massage (yeah,

30 Apr 2007

Randy Tobias Won’t Be Missed

According to Al Kamen's In The Loop column, former State DepSec Dr. Randall "Randy" (!) Tobias, the first on-duty Bushie trapped in Deborah Jeane Palfrey's escort-service web, will not be missed by long-suffering staffers at the Agency for International Development: A recent American Foreign Service Association poll of 368 AID folks

29 Apr 2007

Pamela Martin’s Newsletters

Deborah Jeane Palfrey (owner of Pamela Martin & Associates, the DCMadam we first featured here) allegedly ran her DeeCee business from Vallejo, California — quite a telecommute. How does a busy bicoastal manager stay abreast of her Associates’ many activities? How does she ensure they adhere to company policies? With

28 Apr 2007

DCMadam Fallout

  The hits just keep on coming from Deborah Jeane Palfrey, whose DC escort service's phone records are being mined by ABC News for an upcoming 20/20 that must have some Beltway Boys' panties in a twist. First Harlan Ullman was named by Ms. Palfrey two weeks ago. He's the guy

27 Apr 2007

Dangerstein’s Baggage

(Photo of dinosaur avec hot pink baggage, long blonde wig and matching feather boa via halliew.) Lieberman mouthpiece Dangerstein, concern troll extraordinaire, claims that Senator Clinton "invite[d] scorn and hypocrisy" by appearing at FireDogLake for a chat about pay equity: Gerstein said he understands the Clinton camp wanting to reach out to

23 Apr 2007

Gated Communities

  No one ever accused the Defense Department of having a highly developed sense of irony. But we should expect our military leaders to know their war history. Somehow, though, I don't remember this coming up during General David Petraeus' confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill: "They've been doing it in