17 Jun 2007

L-Late Nite: What Inspires You?

Here’s my fiance’s latest crush — Tiga — on inspiration and home in (Far From) Home. Gotta say, I love how the birds fly onto the wires, making the music as Tiga walks around. What inspires you?

10 Jun 2007

L-Late Nite: Revolution?

My question for tonite is: how long do we put up with this current media paradigm? I know paradigm is a big word for late-late nite, but really: what’s it gonna take to shift things bigtime from the David Broder mentality to the Dan Froomkin mentality? When does Andrea Mitchell

10 Jun 2007

Gloomy Sunday?

This Sunday wasn’t so gloomy for me, although they can be, can’t they? Diamanda Galas certainly has that covered, even better than Billie Holliday, y’think? Knowing American troops’ supply lines are being cut off one bridge at a time is certainly a reason for gloom. Knowing Short-Ride Joey Lieberman thinks

07 Jun 2007

Late Late Nite Thursday Nite: No Photo Necessary

Good evening to all of you and forgive my technical failings — I had a magnificent YouTube ready that I simply cannot get to post uptop, so I’ll post it in the thread for your enjoyment. It’s a swell montage of Novakula’s walkoff from the CNN set, but you’ll see

07 Jun 2007


  I can’t possibly compete for snarkaliciousness with our dear TRex, so I won’t try. In classic Eve Harrington fashion, I’ll ask you to be NICE — and reflect on some of our extraordinary victories in the past year. First of all, did anybody really expect we’d have a Democratic

06 Jun 2007


Joe Scarborough must need to push more misogyny buttons to get promoted into the regular Imus-replacement gig.  We've had our fun in Lefty Blogistan with Mrs Fred Thompson (thanks, TBogg!) but in this on-air conversation with Craig Crawford, Scarborough really crosses the line: SCARBOROUGH: Have you seen Fred Thompson's wife?

04 Jun 2007

Ink, Hornets, and Spokane

These disparate topics, among others, occupy my dear Ombudsman's recent column, sadly. Reduced to calling herself "The Busy Complaints Department," Deborah Howell seems to have decided that discussion of how The Washington Post actually covers events is outside her sphere.    Never mind that the Washington Post last week covered

02 Jun 2007

Pray the Gay Away

George W. Bush has nominated a Surgeon General who promotes healing gays by praying away their lifestyle. Yup, you read that right: Bush's nominee for Surgeon General believes that gays should just pray harder to be cured of their choice. Except, of course, he doesn't want gays to minister or

02 Jun 2007

The Unusable Power

The primary power of Congress — funding — has been put into an untouchable box by the rhetoricians of the right. They dare us to cut off funding for the troops if we hate the war so much. Our side's leaders then sputter that they "will never leave our troops

31 May 2007

Let’s Help Chris Dodd End the Occupation

How cool was that, firedoggies? Wednesday afternoon, Connecticut Senator and presidential candidate Christopher Dodd vlogged at FireDogLake about his Amendment to this summer's Defense Authorization Bill. We had a great dialogue, thanks to your terrific questions, Dodd Squad blogger Matt Browner-Hamlin's excellent reading of our questions, and Senator Dodd's thoughtful