17 Nov 2006

The Decider Decides to Escalate

  You're going to get really sick of this word. Escalation. It's that Vietnam era term in war that gets more soldiers killed after we all know a conflict is lost. Escalation is about salvaging something to pin "victory" upon. You know, like "peace with honor." Only in Iraq there

16 Nov 2006

About that Iraq Study Group…

America, we've got a problem. Take a look at the list of people picked for the ISG. James Baker – US Secretary of State, 1989-92 James F. Dobbins – US Ambassador to the EU, 1991-93 Charles W. Freeman, Jr. – US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1989-92 Lawrence Eagleburger – Secretary

20 Sep 2006

What if Bush Iraqs IRAN?

Looking at the civil war in Iraq, it’s hard to imagine what would (will) happen if (when) George W. Bush turns his talents on Iran. If we think we’ve got problems now — and we do — going into Iran would make the bombs bursting in Baghdad seem like firecrackers

13 Sep 2006

Our Troops Keep Taking the Hit

  I was supposed to be in a conference call this morning with VoteVets, but was interrupted. So I asked them to send me their most recent ad campaign in support of the troops, which unmasks George Allen even further. Eric from VoteVets emailed me the YouTube version above, which

13 Sep 2006

Did Curt Weldon Dodge the Draft?

  If you’re not familiar with Curt Weldon, he’s the guy who wanted to take his shovel to Iraq, and excavate the country in hopes of finding WMD nobody else could find. It earned him a little chiding and by inference the title of Indiana Weldon in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

11 Sep 2006

Remembrances of Hopes Long Dashed

  I used to live in New York City. I worked on Broadway for several years. I remember the World Trade Center towers very well. I was among the few who loved those structures. Two weeks ago my husband and I spent 10 glorious days in New York City. We

11 Sep 2006

How Did We Get From 9/11 to Iraq?

You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m not feeling very well this morning. I’m sick to my stomach over the reality I see out over the horizon. And believe me, it has nothing to do with ABC’s desperate docudrama. I mean really, showing the Washington monument immediately after a news

08 Sep 2006

John Kerry Blasts ABC’s Desperate Docudrama

  "… In other words, we said to Osama bin Laden we think getting rid of Saddam Hussein is seven times more important than dealing with of you. – President Bill Clinton So, after Bill Clinton got through ripping ABC and Republicans, with a little help from his lawyers, I

16 Aug 2006

Ann Coulter’s Beautiful Big Money Smear Machine

  guest post by Taylor Marsh When I saw the latest insanity in The New Republic, "A Defense of Ann Coulter" by Elspeth Reeve, I knew it was time to let fly my latest piece. Reeve’s article is a beauty. That is if you like pimping for the Republicans’ prime propagandist. Yes, yes,

16 Aug 2006

IRAQ and the Republican Collapse

  guest post by Taylor Marsh You’ve got George Allen going all Strom Thurmond, with Rick Santorum cozying up to LGF, while John Bolton is so desperate to get out of committee he’s doing interviews with a drunk wingnut blogger. But that’s not even the worst of it. The Republican