06 Oct 2011

Thank you FDL!

I want to thank all the people here at FDL for all the knowledge and insight they share every day.  Several times a day.  The comments alone are worth it. I came here after being a member at HP.  I just couldn’t stand it there anymore.  Too many trawls, posting

08 Sep 2011

President Osterity: Bend Over, It will only hurt a little … Would I lie?

And so we have a “Jobs” speech.  AGAIN.  And we have a “Jobs” plan, AGAIN. Who was surprised by this?  Did anyone expect him to say anything different?  Really, did anyone here at FDL expect anything different?  Was it really a surprise?  Is this DKos?  Digby?  Or even HP? (Even

07 Sep 2011

Thank you to my fellow Americans who work in HR and Staffing Agencies

Another day, another outrage, so basically just another day in these Corporate States of Amerika. But this outrage although an old one, is still happening still on a daily basis in these Corporate States. As the Labor Department’s recent employment report for June 2011 showed, America’s workers face a seemingly

05 Sep 2011

“What’s there to celebrate?”

The lines.  The long lines.  Never stopping.  In the morning THE LINE is already there.  My God it’s always there.  For FUCK sakes it’s always there.  Every day a little longer.  Every day a little more worn.  Frayed.  Abused.  Every day longer still. In the mornings, there is buzz and

04 Sep 2011

I just don’t get “it”!

I just don’t get “it”!  I really don’t.  It just doesn’t make any sense.  I see the reality in front of my eyes and I JUST DON’T FING GET “IT”! I mean why do this?  Why would they do this? I see what’s happening across the world, the same thing

02 Sep 2011

Yes!!! It will be Perry/Bachmann 2012.

Ok, so a little disclaimer:  I have been educated here at FDL on a daily basis.  And from the bottom of my brain, I thank you, one and all.  But recently I’ve been noticing a lot of, shall we say, reluctance to acknowledge the “wonder” that is Perry/Bachmann 2012.  First,

30 Aug 2011

Almost September … WWIII starting?

So it’s almost September.  And as I wrote before,War Drums??? Iran? September?, and before that, Are we attacking Iran in September???, there seems to be “indications” that it will be coming. All this is real interesting, but here’s the real kicker: Economist Nouriel Roubini has tweeted the link to the

28 Aug 2011

Mr. President, I will not be voting for you. And why …

I wish someone with a little computer savvy, maybe even FDL, started up a website called, “Mr. President, I will not be voting for you”. Basically it let’s the user type in an email that automatically gets sent to the WH with that title. In the email the user can

26 Aug 2011

Japanese Citizen: “This is so absurd.”

Based on the title, this diary could be about anything these days. But sadly, this is about Japan.  More bad Fukushima news.  And it’s actually kinda old, July 26th.  But I saw the video, and I thought this ain’t absurd, it’s downright bat-shite crazy, criminally immoral, and abso-Fing-lutely maybe the

23 Aug 2011

Ever wonder why paid trolls?

“Yes, he is delusional. I should probably stop posting to this thread because I’m about to have a ragestroke over here.” This was a comment on http://news.shadowproof.wpengine.com/2011/08/23/welfare-reform-at-15-a-sad-story-of-the-fraying-of-the-safety-net/.  I was reading it, and did not comment at the point I read this and I was about to have a rage stroke