24 Nov 2011

“Because I’m just trying to survive one more day in hell.”

Where we are all headed: I had coffee with a homeless man yesterday and I asked him why he hadn’t been down to support the local Occupy protesters.  His answer was clear and simple: “Because I’m just trying to survive one more day in hell.” I’ve heard the same/similar thing

23 Nov 2011

Pepper Spray: “Effective Leadership Tool for Higher Education”

[Commercial begins …. video is in black and white … zoom into a classroom of 5th graders …. everyone is wearing the clothing of the 60s, all proper, like Stepford Wives/Leave it to Beaver/The Brady Bunch] (“And I’m proud to be an American” single line played from Lee Greenwood’s “God

23 Nov 2011

Yahoo “News” … Oh F me

The intertubes are a fun place.  How like Gods are we that we now have such powers at our disposal?  One second I can meet the orcish hordes in a flash games, and in the next I can peruse the OMB site for … well for whatever. And how about

18 Nov 2011

Working for the man …

It’s OK, cause I’m working for The Man … Been working for The Man, since I was 16, Ain’t that bad, you know what I mean, Got no future, got no hope, so two less things to worry about But that’s OK, cause I’m working for The Man,   Breaking

16 Nov 2011

Open letter to the 99%

So, many of you think Occupy isn’t about you. Many of you think that it’s about “those” people and doesn’t affect you. Many of you may even think what’s happening to the occupy movement is good. And all I have to say is: Yo!  Genius think about it!  1st amendment! 

15 Nov 2011

When American mayors “coordinate” their plans to destroy the 1st Amendment

The 1st amendment is still around right?  The Patriot Act, or some top secret act we don’t even know about, didn’t delete the 1st amendment from the Constitution did it?  I didn’t miss a memo did I?  I didn’t miss the vote by all the states to modify the Constitution

14 Nov 2011

More “good” news, the British are also owned … onto Iran

So special interests, the rich, and corporations, control this country.  They decide what happens, invariably to the detriment of the 99% .  This country is now a “democracy”, in name only.  And the corporate jackboot on our necks presses a little more everyday. But we’re not alone.  Woohoo. J14 protests

11 Nov 2011

Be silent!

[Ed. Note – you may not publish that much material of another authors work and remain in bounds of the Fair Use Doctrine.] It’s not the fall that kills you — it’s the sudden stop at the end. (Anon) “What Is Poverty?” Jo Goodwin Parker The following selection was published

03 Nov 2011

Greece, bailout referendum … yay democracy … oh wait, maybe not so much

Pap… (and that’s what I am going to call him in this piece) “shocked” the world when he wanted a referendum on the upcoming bailout.  So the Greek people would vote on whether to accept another round of bailouts (because the previous ones had worked so wonderfully?). “We trust citizens,

27 Oct 2011

Occupy Vancouver, … you bet your sweet aZZ …

Of course we have the excellent work of Kevin Gosztola and athena (and many others) on the occupy front.  Hat tip, respect and admiration.  I read it all! But what about the Canucks?  You know, those “socialist”, “commie”, “hippie” peace lovers? Occupy Vancouver … Occupy Vancouver – A Non Violent