31 Dec 2011

Obama should get out while the getting’s good.

I can think of very few reasons for Obama to want another term. Basic cost-benefit analysis indicates that the costs will far outweigh the benefits. Benefits: 1.  Continue his corporate masters’ and cement their rule.  He wants to be one of them one day, and he almost is.  He’s not

30 Dec 2011

To American Iranians … get your friends and family out of Iran, NOW!

Well CTuttle does another informative post about Iran and what’s going on.  We’re all FUBARed.  Eventually that is.  But first Iran. So what do you do if you’re Iran?  I mean you got them to your left.  You got them to your right.  Up, down, over and around, … rock,

27 Dec 2011

The Free Market at work again …

Once again the benefits and wonder of the free market have revealed themselves.  Is there anything the free market can’t do?  Greed IS good.  And once again we see why: After a debt-ceiling deal in which Pell grants remained but the federally subsidized graduate student loan program went under the

26 Dec 2011

Business as usual …

Now that Xmas is finally over, can we please, for the love of Dawg, get back to business as usual?! Ain’t no rest for the wicked.  We got bills to pay.  We got mouths to feed.  (paraphrased Cage the Elephant)  We got people to kill.  They’re not going to kill

22 Dec 2011

An Open Letter to God … Part 1

Yo dude, what’s uppppppppppppppppppppppp? I know you’re the creator of the universe and what not, so you can be male or female, or heck, anything.  You are after all the creator of the universe and all reality.  So dude is as appropriate as any other appellation. So you gave us

21 Dec 2011

Hey Dumas, just because …

Well Dumas has once again shown a superior wit and intellect (not to mention a knack for finding kick-ass shite in the “tubes and pipes”). I mean how do you top that? And I just read TBogg’s Also, Too, Bless Her Heart. (Can our retinas heal after being burned to

20 Dec 2011

Hey, I finally played the game …

Just wanted to let everyone know I got my new video game.  It’s only for the PC right now, but after playing it, I can say it will spread to other platforms. It’s awesome! It’s a fully immersive 1st person role-playing game.  You start of waking up as a “self-made”

15 Dec 2011

“World’s on Fire” …

World on Fire Sarah – http://youtu.be/tInqUz2cfLs Are our perspectives so skewed, right and wrong have no meaning any longer? I don’t even know anymore.  Up is down, down is up, and words have no meaning, … or they mean whatever someone wants. But looking at the world around me, I

11 Dec 2011

Peace on earth, … and … good will to all … ???

I’m not Christian, but I like Christmas songs.  Especially Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  Anyone, even me, can sing the sucker.  Even with my monotone run-for-the-hills voice.  If there’s a group, then I will even join in for other songs.  Every group needs a monotone right?  Here’s hoping so. But isn’t

02 Dec 2011


Ran into God the other day He said times a coming and the winds do change People will say they’ve had enough They’ll say no more, enough is enough I said brother I like what I’m hearing But when’s this going to happen? And he said that’s up to you