19 Mar 2012

Manipulation of Radiation Monitor(s) in Japan

A Fukushima citizen proves a nuclear radiation monitoring post is being secretly decontaminated to lower recorded radioactivity levels. After noticing his own Geiger counter measurements were substantially lower than numbers being reported by the MEXT radiation monitoring posts nearby a Fukushima citizen grew suspicious that the monitor was being tampered

01 Mar 2012

Tolerance for Intolerance? Really?

I am at a loss.  Honestly I’m bloody confused.  When did it become “OK” to tolerate intolerance?  Civility towards incivility?  How about civility towards depraved and horrible behavior?  How about … at what point does this become absurd? Or does it ever.  We all have a code.  And we must

19 Feb 2012

Help with understanding Zerohedge latest, … anyone?

Perusing the pipes and tubes as usual and I came across an interesting article at Zerohedge, The ECB Has Opened Pandora’s Box. I am not going to speculate about anything this morning. No guesses about what the Finance Ministers might do on Monday, no simple addition or subtraction that the

10 Feb 2012

No Mr. Buffett, you are wrong!

BUFFETT: It’s class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn’t be. No Mr. Buffett, you are wrong.  Your class already won.  Buffett made the above statement in a CNN interview June, 2005.  And even then they had won.  Check and mate.  The coup de grace had already been delivered. 

29 Jan 2012

The real audacity of hope

Had a conversation with a friend recently.  Very enlightening, … kinda. He’s at a different level then me in terms of knowledge about the world and what’s going on, ie. he has more knowledge, is 10 years older, and is a … pragmatist?  (don’t know the appropriate and accurate designation

26 Jan 2012

American “Justice”

Another day, another outrage/ slaughter … The lone Marine convicted in his squad’s killing of two dozen unarmed civilians in one of the Iraq War’s defining moments escaped jail time Tuesday after defending his order to raid homes in Haditha as a necessary act “to keep the rest of my

20 Jan 2012

On the plus side, maybe we would know where Iran is, … maybe.

Poor Juan Cole doesn’t know American exceptionalism when he sees it: in this poll of a few years ago, [2008] three quarters of Americans could find neither Israel nor Iran on a map. Despite the US being at that time the occupying power in Iraq, some two-thirds couldn’t recognize that

16 Jan 2012

Muhammad Ali, … really?

Ya, ya you know where this is going.  Let the flaming begin … Muhammad Ali?  Really?  That’s the guy we want to associate with King?  Or with anything remotely 99% for that matter? Ya, he didn’t want to go kill people in Vietnam (FDL #1, #2): I ain’t got no

11 Jan 2012

“Not to reason why …”

We many, the 99. We, but pieces on their chess board, the world. We, at their whim perish. We, the tools of their trade, … war.   The impending Iranian “situation” frightens me.  What heights of madness lie this way?  What delusional insanity lies ahead?  And every day I remind

08 Jan 2012

Above all, Be Civil

Just read wendydavis’ piece and near the end, Whatever it takes to speed up this non-violent revolution…is good with me. They must be stopped at all cost. Got me thinking.  One, about a diary I wrote a while ago.  I thought about our subconscious and how we’re wired as a