02 Jul 2012

Hope you don’t have a pension …

At least not a state pension, that is.  But no worries if you have a private pension, right?  Ya, ‘m sure those private pension guys are all above board … (*cough* LIBOR *cough*, *wink*).  But back to the state pensions … The Pew Center has released its annual summary of

02 Jul 2012

They’ve made us “bulletproof”.

This piece, No Road Back by Daveparts, has got me thinking about a recent series of conversations I’ve had with some homeless folks. We were talking about this new song, Titanium by David Guetta, ft. Sia, after it had come on the radio.  Catchy tune.  Good beats.  Great vocals.  Something

05 Jun 2012

Gee Ma, can I get another bailout?

I thought we fixed these “problems“.  They even a got a sweet deal.  “Talk to me Goose“.  However, it looks like the taxpayers around the world are going to be picking up the tab, again.  Time for another bailout.  And thanks for that.  If the taxpayers weren’t bailing out the

03 Jun 2012

The Sky “is” Falling

Or will fall.  No worries mate, I hear them new fangled umbrellas of depleted uranium will save us.  Or maybe not.  What do I know.  Don’t ask me man, “I just work here”. Of course there is always the good old water cannon.  Hey, if the sky is falling, why

04 May 2012

Golden Dawn has one hell of a platform

Austerity.  The other white meat? Reading the numerous diaries here at FDL, I have stumbled upon many instances of people, either in the diary or the comments, saying that revolution tends to lead to a worse state of affairs for most because the Aholes at the top are replaced by

19 Apr 2012

Another Day, Another Outrage … Outrage # 482 …

In case anyone forget … well reality … http://obamascandalslist.blogspot.ca/ (at 304, but has not been updated since Nov. 17, 2011). Oh Osterity, will you ever change?  Rhetorical question of course.  There is no Osterity v3.0.  There’s no Osterity v2.0.  There is only Osterity, the one, the only, the craven sellout

16 Apr 2012

Taibbi takes a shot at Operation Clean Halls

How the heck is this guy still alive?  Does he have armed guards 24-7?  I wonder if he checks under his car every day?  (I would if I were him.)  Is he always looking over his shoulders?  Does he sleep in a closet instead of his bed because the bed

06 Apr 2012

“Preppers” … what could possibly go wrong?

Thanks to the power of the “pipes and tubes”, one can meander the realms of the unknown … meander here and there, to and fro, circle it, whip it, beat it, “wine it, dine it, bang it over the hood the car”, and of course the ever-popular and pertinent, “wham,

31 Mar 2012

No, please, keep fighting amongst yourselves, … just like the 1% want

Divide and conquer works.  And it works really well on the willfully ignorant and those that would cut off their nose to spite their face. Just read Esquire Magazine: Writer wanted to help convert class war into generational war. No skills required; pays top dollar..  Good piece.  Nice when FDL

25 Mar 2012

There is no student loan bubble!

How many times do I have to acquaint you hippie, pinko-commie, east coast libbie elite, tree-hugging, socialists with the preponderance of those saying there is no student loan bubble?  Huh, how many times?  How about one more: There is NO student loan bubble!  None.  I just said so.  I don’t