14 Sep 2012

Shocked! Shocked?

Values count. We are all oohing and awwing over how the Muslim world got so upset over a rogue, poorly done, YouTube video. Yet we are ignoring the context in which the Middle East Muslims received it. There was a time when the world so respected the moral authority and

20 Sep 2011

A Good Time to Ponder

The organizing principle that seems to have worked well for human and related species is one of interdependence of individuals with each other, each unique; And further an interdependence of the group as a whole between it and its unique individual parts, called you and me. Left alone there is

20 Mar 2010

Examining a victory

I have no notion of how hypocritical Obama is but our side forced him to say the right things, to send the message. We should be proud.

12 Mar 2010

What about the children?

Review and comments on two news articles. Mother and child welfare neglect now showing in mortality statistics.The crumbling public school systems.

06 Feb 2010

Progressive activism?

Brief note to suggest watching some if not all of the C-SPAN coverage of the Tea Party convention.

25 Jan 2010

Doctors and Nazis

The following is mostly information and commentary from the perspective of a bedside physician, clinical researcher in cancer and psychiatrist (Yes; to those only reading this page. I did both.) Much of it is personal observations; informed by personal experience and the work of others whom I trust. It is not a comprehensive review of the literature necessary for a truly scholarly presentation.. I provide some of the seminal sources and some less recognized that I believe to be good beginning points for one interested in going forward.

16 Jan 2010

Ancient terror dies slowly

Observations on the stalled U S aid mission to Haiti and a little history and politics

24 Dec 2009

Ye shall find him in a manger, (with special thanks to Selise)

I am far from alone and most comfortable. I celebrate all those I have spent so many holidays beside. Being by the telephone (and now at the computer) listening and communicating with the souls “out there” seems the most natural.

27 Nov 2009

What ever happened to “Reach for the Stars?”

Reflections on research and a deadly economic philsophy.
Many living today know that it was Christa McAullife who made the phrase an every day aspiration. One could say the teacher astronaut being lost in the reach should bring fear to the phrase. But it was not the aspiration but weather, mundane statistical thinking and perhaps some hubris that led to her loss. In the imperfections of self and world it is a reach, not always a grasp.There is always something more ahead. To cease the reaching is to lose what can be.

17 Nov 2009

In Reversal, Panel Urges Mammograms at 50, Not 40

In Reversal, Panel Urges Mammograms at 50, Not 40. The bottom line recommendation for women under 50 (with specific exceptions) is to no longer have routine screening mammograms, Women 50 to 74 should have mammograms less frequently — every two years, rather than every year. And it said doctors should stop teaching women to examine their breasts on a regular basis.or carry out breast self examinations.