15 Jun 2009

Joe Scarborough and the Angry White Male

Joe appears a balanced budget, small Government, individual rights fiscal conservative. He and Rachel Maddow were discussing the Holocaust Museum shooting, and the economic pressure that white males feel.

Conservative, until he gets into power, increases the defense budget 100%, passes FISAAAAAAA and patriot act XVIII, and cuts taxes by increasing debt.

In a review of Joe’s new book, Joe made the comment about the future of conservatism, and among many comments, said (paraphrased): “We cannot continue to consume 25% of the world’s resources with 4% of the world’s population”

Joe, WTF do you believe decreasing the percentage of consumption to world averages means? It means the ability of the US consumer to purchase what they purchase will drop as a percentage of world consumption.

Any why that’s viewed and achieved, its either a drop in consumption based of the value of the dollar, or a decrease in wages, or some other form of downward pressure on earnings. Or, the rest of the world get to consume because of an overall rise in the standard of living.

19 Apr 2009

Don’t Prosecute Torture? Then Why Prosecute Anything?

Obama and Rham have reiterated that they want to look forward, reflect and no retribution.
Obama needs a clear wake up call. Impeach Obama. Do it now.

15 Mar 2009

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, Geithner

Is PPIF, the Public Private Investment Fund, or Public Private Investment Fraud?

11 Mar 2009

Gaia, Her Earth Moved, Plate Techtonics, a Solid Non-political Post

Geology, earthquakes, techtonics, moon, lunar, tidal effects, Gaia

11 Mar 2009

Global Control of Finance

Can the US be trusted to govern itself in a Globally interconnected world?

28 Sep 2008

Sue the bastards:Financial Industry Lawsuit

Potential Class action lawsuit again the complete financial industry.