16 Jan 2015

Russia Make its Move. Check!

Let’s look at recent history, and consider the strategy behind the movements back and forth in Eurasia, and the consequent behavior of the coming Pan Asian superpowers. First an assertion: Coal is a filthy fuel, unhealthy, kills people and is burnt in abundance in China to fuel their Industrial Revolution.

13 Jan 2015

Hillary and Jeb propose Marriage

In their attempt to become the next President of the United States, Hillary and Jeb have proposed to get married. No, they are not divorcing their current spouses, they have decided under the equal protection for all part of the US constitution to enter into lawful bigamy. Thus they will

08 Jan 2015

The Internet of Things You Should Not Do

The latest announcement from Samsung is that smart phone sales have peaked, and Samsung believes the Internet of Thingys (IoT) is the Next Big Thing. The IoT vndors want your ID, and be wise, don’t be an ID IoT. Samsung wants your thermostat, baby cam, watch, home security system (cameras

06 Jan 2015

Police Power: Nothing but Regressive Taxation

An interesting experiment is underway in New York. As a result of two policemen being executed, for which we express all condolences to the families of all who have been murdered by guns, the Police are working-to-rule (a Union term for Going Slow), and their productivity has plummeted. However, the

05 Jan 2015

New Zealand: Asian Infrastructure bank: Leaving the Empire

This week New Zealand, home of the Kiwi and having more sheep than humans, becomes the 24th founding member of the Asia Infrastructure Bank (AIIB). The first “developed country” to join the institution – although we’d not call New Zealand ‘Developed,” but would agree it has Western Values. Superior values

29 Dec 2014

Obama’s Last Quarter: Trade

Obama recently listed what he’d like to accomplish in his last two years, or as he referred to it as his last quarter. It’s a given that congressional support for any policy of Obama’s short of re-introducing slavery, indentured servitude or other actions rolling back both the 20th and 10th

23 Dec 2014

US Upset with Kingdom of North Korea

The US is blaming North Korea for damaging Sony, thereby executing the best PR campaign for a limited release “B” rated movie ever seen. This follows the Hollywood mantra “There is No Such Thing as Bad PR.” Before this incident many had not heard of, nor intended to see “The

21 Dec 2014

Ukraine Storm forecast over Cuba

In a new long range weather forecast designed to predict the spread of Neo-Imperialism from West to East, a severe new cell of potential Neo-Liberalism is being reported in the Caribbean, and is expected to make landfall on Cuba, so Batistering the Island Nation into a Neo-Liberal dream. The Bateristing

15 Dec 2014

Is Obama an American Fascist?

Is the United States fascist? Is it becoming a Fascist state? Such accusation are freely offered, and thrown around, often without the discussion of the full meaning a Fascism. We need to start with a definition, because the term ‘fascist’ is often misused, leading to confusion. Here’s what George Orwell

05 Dec 2014

The People from Planet 1%

From the Guardian: Collapse of oil prices leads world economy into trouble. By Debbie Carlson. We do need to acknowledge the author and provenance of this article. Especially as she has 20 years of experience in writing about commodities. We believe she is thoroughly mistaken in her assessment, and we