22 Jun 2012

Late Night: Weekend Warriors

It’s probably too much to hope for, but doesn’t this sound like a great opportunity for some “Occupy”-style action?

01 Jun 2012

Late Night: The Future

In following news reports on the closing days of the Wisconsin recall race for governor, I was struck by this harsh ad being run by incumbent Scott Walker’s campaign.

25 May 2012

Late Night: Going There

There’s every reason to expect the next month or two to be the dullest part of the 2012 presidential race. It doesn’t make much sense for the candidates to make their strongest, sharpest arguments when the public isn’t likely to tune in until the respective party’s conventions at the earliest (and really, not until the formal debates in September).

But then again, the polls are close enough to make the advisers on both sides nervous… and, well, they’ve got to say something between now and late summer, don’t they?

18 May 2012

Late Night FDL: Feeding From the Hand They Bite

You probably read (here or elsewhere) about yesterday’s mini-firestorm in the blogosphere: the report that a wealthy right-winger, Joe Ricketts, was considering a $10 million super-PAC ad campaign reviving old charges about President Obama’s supposed connections to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

You may have missed the punch line, though. The denial issued by Ricketts described him as “a fiscal conservative,” and his super-PAC is (rather ludicrously) named the “Ending Spending Action Fund.”

11 May 2012

Late Night FDL: From the Department of Dropped Masks

I don’t know how much of a coincidence this is. But it is interesting to me that just about the same time as we learn the cruelty of Mitt Romney’s adult life was preceded by teenage cruelty, a video surfaces with Wisconsin governor Scott Walker explicitly promising a wealthy donor that he would use a “divide and conquer” strategy to break the state’s unions.

Even if it’s unsurprising at some level, it is still a bit stunning to see how not just cynicism, but brazen malice is such a large factor in our politics. Not even a small shred of pretense remains that the welfare of the public is the ultimate goal.

27 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: GOP’s Dream Ticket… or an Electoral Nightmare?

wasn’t aware until today that Politico had such confidence in well-placed sources in the Obama re-election campaign. But how else could reporter Jonathan Martin dare to depict Jeb Bush, the Zeppo of his family’s political dynasty, this way?

20 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: Taking the Train to Nowhere Fast

Okay, so maybe part of me just wanted to post a video of a long-lost favorite song from my youthful days seeing local bands in L.A. clubs… but, as someone who spent several years living in Los Angeles and then just across the bay from San Francisco, I’ve long wondered if I would live long enough to see high-speed rail make it to the Golden State.

06 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: The Limits of Rovianism

If this is the first week of the 2012 general election campaign (as conventional wisdom seems to have it), it’s gotten off to the kind of funhouse-mirror start that, if nothing else, is consistent with how the Republican preliminaries went.

30 Mar 2012

Late Night FDL: Provisions of Walker’s Anti-Union Bill Overturned in Wisconsin

At the end of a week of fuss and tea-leaf reading about the Supreme Court’s hearing of oral arguments about Obamacare, a judge in Wisconsin ruled on a similarly controversial state law.

16 Mar 2012

Late Night FDL: The Cognitive Dissonance of Puppets

The reason Palin and Perry failed is because they had no interest in working hard enough to play their roles as Potemkin mavericks convincingly. And that’s because despite the efforts of the GOP moneymen and operatives to groom them as puppet-like fronts for the right-wing agenda, someone it never sunk in for them that they were just flunkies who were expected to be disciplined in executing their roles.