20 Sep 2006

The Language of a Democratic Realignment: What Is the Best Way to Defend This Country?

Haven’t we had enough of this? On Sunday at Needlenose, I posted the first part of a long-procrastinated long-planned series on how Democrats can turn the 2006 elections from a one-time opportunity to take advantage of disastrous Republican negligence into the start of a long-term adjustment in how the American

13 Sep 2006

Novak Flips Again

Jeez, Bob, pick a side and stick with it… I was going to write a longer Plame post for this slot, but it’s been overtaken by breaking events, courtesy of Robert "Rocket from the Crypt" Novak’s response to Richard Armitage’s public mea culpa, printed today in the Chicago Sun-Times: When

09 Sep 2006

Why “No Plan” Was the Plan in Iraq

Last night, Kevin Drum passed along a stunningly matter-of-fact interview in, of all places, the Hampton Roads Daily Press with retiring Brigadier General Mark Scheid, who was in charge of the logistical planning for the Iraq invasion: Scheid said the planners continued to try "to write what was called Phase

04 Sep 2006

Labor Day Memo to Democrats: Don’t Get Small

On the day that marks the traditional start of election races, the New York Times tells us this morning: After a year of political turmoil, Republicans enter the fall campaign with their control of the House in serious jeopardy, the possibility of major losses in the Senate, and a national

23 Aug 2006

Iraq Versus the “War on Terror”: How Democrats Can Separate the Issues, and Win Both

During the first flush of the Democratic "No, really, we are serious about national security" counterattack last week (see Greg Sargent for a refresher if you’ve forgotten), Karl Rove an anonymous "top GOP strategist" made a revealing admission to the Washington Post : The strategist, who is involved in GOP

22 Aug 2006

The Agony of Iraq: How Do We Tear Ourselves Away?

The family of a 13-year-old Iraqi boy after he was killed by gunfire during a pilgrimage to a Shiite shrine on Sunday. The past couple of days have been relatively peaceful in Iraq — for example, only a couple of dozen people have been reported killed each day in and

14 Apr 2006

Iran: Calculated Madness and Common Sense

 (Guest poster from Needlenose) Jane graciously invited me over to share some thoughts about the developing scare-a-thon with Iran, and considering the amount of required reading this has entailed, all I can say is … well, thanks. An irony here is that I’m really not even the Iran expert on