07 Sep 2012

Late Night: Coming Into Focus

For all the human pain it represents, today’s depressing jobs report in the wake of the Democratic and Republican conventions at least helped remind the presidential candidates what this election is supposed to be about — not who gives the best speeches, or who has the most loving (or at least most telegenic) family, but how to get the economy moving again.

31 Aug 2012

Late Night: Conventional (and Post-Conventional) Warfare

I’m expecting an ad sometime in the next few weeks that starts with the “Etch-a-Sketch” clip up above, skims through a few quick flip-flops on key issues, then ends with Romney’s smarmy “You’ll have to take my word for it” remark about his tax returns. In fact, I’ll be a little disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

24 Aug 2012

Late Night: Mitt Romney’s Charm Offensive

Congratulations! You’ve just about survived the summer — which, politically speaking in this presidential election year, means the dreary interlude between the early-spring nominating contests and the fall cage match campaign.

17 Aug 2012

Late Night: A Weeklong Course in Self-Defense for Media

Over at Raw Story this past week, David Edwards has been documenting a rather impertinent — and surprisingly sustained — effort by CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien to speak truth, if not to power, at least to a series of GOP spokespuppets appearing on her show.

10 Aug 2012

Late Night: Watching What They Do

So, as you may have read hereabouts earlier today, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has had to deal with some unpleasant polling news in the last few days.

Team Romney, of course, is telling the press to pay no attention to those silly polls.

03 Aug 2012

Late Night: The Presidential Future Doesn’t Look Any Better for the Republicans

Given the way that Mitt Romney’s campaign recently managed to turn an extended overseas photo-op into an exercise in self-immolation, followed by the ongoing Chinese water torture-style debate over his unrevealed tax returns — gosh, the trip to Europe sure did a great job steering the conversation away from that, didn’t it?! — it’s not exactly going out on a limb to say that he’s proving to be something less than an ideal presidential candidate.

20 Jul 2012

Late Night: Exploiting a Window of Opportunity

It’s on the verge of becoming old news in our endlessly revolving media cycle (not to mention in the wake of the latest gun tragedy in Colorado), but I wanted to belatedly take note of the surprising “Firms” TV ad that the Obama campaign began running this past week — you know, the one with Mitt Romney singing “God Bless America” over a montage depicting his history of sending jobs (and his own money) overseas.

13 Jul 2012

Late Night: The Season of Dueling Gaffes Begins

I guess the campaign for the White House must be starting to heat up, because both major candidates are starting to open their mouths a little too often — leading to opportunities for the rest of us to amuse ourselves with snark at their expense (just about the only respite

06 Jul 2012

Late Night: Crybaby Conservatism on the Supreme Court

I know you may feel it’s been discussed to death already, but can I just drag us back one more time to the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act?

29 Jun 2012

Late Night: Please Act Like You Lost

Forgive me for dragging everyone back to the Supreme Court ruling on what I guess it’s okay to call Obamacare now, but it’s my first chance to say anything about it, even if everyone else has already spoken their piece. Like some others, my initial reaction to the 5-4 decision