24 Oct 2014

Late Late Night FDL: Ghost Hunt

Muppet LabsGhost Hunt. It is not just Muppet Labs that are looking for ghosts. We all are. The ghost of our democracy. The ghost of our Constitution and its protections. The ghost of an independent press. The ghosts of elected officials enacting the will of the people. The ghost of the rule of law.

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22 Oct 2014

Late Late Night FDL: Mentiras

Grupo FantasmaMentiras on Austin City Limits, November, 2007.

18 Oct 2014

Late Late Night FDL: Spooking With A Brogue

Casper the Friendly GhostSpooking With A Brogue. This Harvey Films/Famous Studios cartoon was released on May 27, 1955.

10 Oct 2014

Late Late Night FDL: The Entertainer

Milton Berle and Rowlf the Dog (part one) — The Entertainer Part One and Two followed by the UK spot wherein Miss Piggy reprises the song (part two), from episode 203 of The Muppet Show.