18 Oct 2010

an escalated nonviolent tactic to end dadt

coming simply from the position of a nonviolent campaign strategist and not a member of the military or someone impacted by the policy…. national coming out day for all lgbt military personnel.  paralysis of the system [that now claims it would be inconvenient to do the right thing] would have

06 Oct 2010

an open letter to matt barber

in response to his recent projectile vomit of fear and loathing found at http://championnews.net/article.php?sid=2890 Matt, You know damn well if  “christian” children were tormented by their classmates for being “christian”, told they were unnatural, sick, and unworthy (unless they denounced their choice of beliefs), you would be screaming about the

21 Sep 2010

with apologies to arlo…..

I went over to the senator, said, “Senator, you got a lot a damn gall toask me if I've rehabilitated myself, I mean, I mean, I mean that just, I'msittin' here on the bench, I mean I'm sittin here on the Group G bench'cause you want to know if I'm

17 May 2010

I ask the TEAbaggers for help repealing OH’s DOMA – guess what they said

so i was avoiding studying last night, and decided to write a note to some ohio teabagger committee folks, seeing how much they are for the rights of every man and woman in ohio , and ask for their help to repeal ohio's “defense” of marriage act.   guess they are

15 Mar 2010

mr. pugno’s latest plea for money

Seems that the anti-equality folks are seeking post trial discovery documents from the aclu & equality california, and found a judge to agree.  We'll have to remember that using the appeal process, according to mr. pugno, is engaging in “legal shenanigans”  (But the legal shenanigans of our moneyed opponents continue:

18 Nov 2009

so where’s my tax exemption

Now don't get me wrong.  I have plenty of christian friends.  I love them, and totally respect their faith.  It's just that I have a deeply held conviction that their belief system is unnatural and  results from a form of insanity.  So when I try to commit them to the

22 Oct 2009

senate passed defense authorization w/attached hate crimes legislation

hasn't shown up on the google news yet, but heard on the signorile show that the defense authorization bill is headed to the president for his signature.  Good thing is the hate crimes legislation will also pass.  Bad thing, continued obscene outlays for military expenditures and war funding, including the

20 Oct 2009

Child Raping Father in blessed marriage gets 5 life sentences

In the midst of all the “think of the children” bullshit being spewed by those who claim “opposite sex” marriage is vital to the well being of all children…..  one of my friends was on a jury in which the father of multiple children from multiple marriages was convicted of

07 Oct 2009

Bubba Shuts down GA Womyn’s Music Fest -official press release

I finally got the official report for Indiegrrl president Vicki Blankenship, detailing the harassment from the Tattnall County GA sheriff's department and the campground neighbors, that shut down the GA Womyn's Music Fest.  Complete with noise complaints about loud music before the stage was even set up,  late night serenades

04 Oct 2009

Police Attack, Shut Down Georgia Womyn’s Music Fest

After a night of gunfire from locals directed at the campground housing the Georgia Womyn's Music fest, the police then raided the campground and shut downt the event in the middle of the concert.  For good measure, they threatened the organizer's life by saying..”you better watch yourself when you leave