22 Oct 2009

Military Law Comission Recommends Dumping Sodomy Ban

Interesting news this morning: Prestigious Military Law Commission Recommends Scrapping Sodomy Ban (Opens in a new window.) The press release is from the Palm Center.   I don't feel like I need to comment much, other than to observe that  the conclusions of the commission are encouraging, since they are

23 Sep 2009

Census Worker Killed; Body Marked with possible anti-Government sentiment

A story worth watching: Census Worker Killed, Body Mutilated Seems to be not much more information available yet, but this is a story worth watching.  We talk about the religious right stirring up anti-gay sentiment that bigots use as justification to maim and kill us, but this is a potential

07 May 2009

Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester III comes out

For those of you who are M*A*S*H fans, an interesting bit of news….many of you probably saw this story already: David Ogden Stiers, perhaps most famous for his role as the subject persona on M*A*S*H from 1977 – 1983, and who voiced Cogsworth in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, has

12 Jul 2007

American Psychological Association to Review Policy on Gays

Saw this article on my local news website this morning.  Essentially the APA will be reviewing it’s 10 year old policy on the psychological treatment of gays and lesbians.  The article states that GLBT activists hope the outcome will include an explicit denunication of “reparative therapy” (quotation marks mine), something

06 Mar 2007

More wonderful hetero parenting, as seen on CNN…

Don’t you know a mother and father are best for a child?  And don’t you undertand that allowing gays to be parents does irreparable harm to children? Need proof?  How about this: BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut (AP) — Police say a man repeatedly stabbed his teenage wife, then gave the knife to