11 Feb 2012

Natural gas – the next fuel?

Natural gas will become an ever more important fuel in our nation’s fuel mix to power our economy and for consumer use. The growing use of natural gas will help us reduce the amount of carbon we release into the atmosphere. But as is the case with many available fuels,

30 Jan 2012

Nothing Matters to Newt Except Newt

I remember well my personal experience with Newt’s venality. When he was Speaker of the House and regarded by many as the country’s most powerful person, he threatened me with a lawsuit and a federal racketeering charge for advocating non-violent protests against him. Can you imagine? Criminalizing protest? The problem

16 Jan 2012

Dr. King understood “playing bigger than you are”

In my new book, Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, I write about the legacy Dr. King left amongst organizers for social justice and the role Kingian nonviolence continues to play in organizing strategy. There is no better example of “playing bigger than you are” than the