13 Jan 2011

In a Volatile Week, Refresh with Out Magazine’s Love Stories

It's been a rather heavy week, hasn't it? If you need a break from the quite depressing news, check out Out Magazine's cover story, "Twenty-Three Love Stories."  http://www.out.com/slideshows/… In general in the LGBTQ community, we spend so much time fighting for equal rights, the ability to serve in the military,

25 Oct 2010

The Bullying Meme – Who Bullied You?

Over at the Village Voice Runnin' Scared blog today, we're taking a look at the bullying meme. We asked a few LGBT friends and colleagues from around NYC (and across the Atlantic) to weigh in on their own personal stories of being bullied. Some highlights: Jessie Estrella, AVP Speakers Bureau 

22 Oct 2010

Michael Luongo’s Underreported “Gay in Iraq” Series

Writer Michael Luongo has been publishing a fantastic series on being “Gay in Iraq” for the Gay City News. The series is based on Luongo’s travels to the country, and it’s pretty unique as few outlets have tackled this topic with original reporting in country, let alone by gay writers.