02 Nov 2012

Florida Foster Child Sent to Ex-Gay Therapy and Harrassed; I.G. Says “No Laws Broken”

McClatchy, in a 31-Oct-2012 report: When leaders of a religious school became suspicious that one of their charges was gay, he was confronted and told to fess up: Is it true or is it false? When the boy said he was indeed gay, the head of his foster care shelter

02 Nov 2012

The Full Insult of “Children Need a Mother and a Father”

I am beyond tired of the old “children need a mother AND a father” insult. It says to all people that they should not hope to ever be an effective parent to a healthy kid unless paired up with the “right” co-parent. It says that no amount of compassion, devotion,

27 Apr 2012

MN for Marriage: Discriminating against kids worth $876 per child, and climbing

NOM promotes a video by Minnesota for Marriage (MFM) with this quote: “Very few same-sex couples are raising children. According to the Williams Institute, only 22% of same-sex couples are raising children. Many if not most of those couples involve children from a previous heterosexual relationship. The census bureau shows

17 Apr 2012

An Alcohol Policy for the 21st Century

Alcohol abuse not only harms a user’s mind and body, it devastates families, communities, and neighborhoods. It jeopardizes public safety, prevents too many Americans from reaching their full potential, and places obstacles in the way of raising a healthy generation of young people. And, while we work to shift our

25 Sep 2010

State AGs: Sexless Marriage is Counterfeit, Same-Sex Version Would Destroy Marriage

From the Perry v. Schwarzenegger amicus brief filed by 13 state Attorneys General (page 30): …two friends could decide to live with each other and form a household and economic partnership together based on their “feelings” for each other, even if not sexual in nature — indeed especially if not

29 Mar 2010

EAP counselor outs herself as Christian to gay client, gets fired; ADF outs her as victim

At The Christian Post, it sounds innocuous: Attorneys with a Christian legal firm plan to appeal a recent ruling against a Christian counselor who was laid off after she referred a lesbian to another counselor. “A counselor who is a Christian shouldn’t lose her job for upholding the highest professional

24 Mar 2010

Catholic Funds Used to Muzzle Social Justice Work

There's plenty of coverage of the Catholic Church de-funding the Homeless Voices of Justice (HVJ) at Preble Street in Portland, Maine.  (See the main PHB post.) Receiving too little attention are the conditions under which a social justice group must operate in order to accept Catholic funds:

25 Jan 2010

Fundies: When Churches Break the Law, They are the Victims

Today's vanity post from Randy Thomas is about the Canadian Church which lost its charity status. Of course, he picks up the Fundie version of things from LifeSiteNews, in which the pastor plays the victim of the government, and then asks Do you think something like this can or will

10 Dec 2009

Robin Taylor: We have become survivors…. tougher, stronger, smarter

via Americablog (reformatted): No civil rights movement has ever said 'give us less, and we will be satisfied.' No civil rights movement has ever won without the strength to keep fighting no matter what the loss or setback was at the time. The LGBT community has survived mental institutions penal

14 Sep 2009

Parenting & LGBT issues — a Free-Range Kids angle?

I started reading Alvin's post about parents suing to keep kids from learning about lgbt families, and flashed over to a news story about a parent whose kid wants to ride his bike to school. Marino and his mother, Janette Kaddo Marino, left for school by bicycle on Wednesday morning,