26 Jan 2009

Shameless Self Promotion


04 Jan 2009

Even more Sally Kern fun

Via OKC-based Gossip Boy. Kind of old but I just came across it today: http://www.gossip-boy.com/Kern_Campaign.html Can't post excerpts, having some formatting issues. Article raises allegations about fundraising irregularities in her re-election bid this past Fall.    

30 Dec 2008

Great Summation of The Worst President Ever here:

http://www.okobserver.net/2008/12/29/revisiting-bush-world/ The Oklahoma Observer: Revisiting Bush-World It almost goes hand in hand with “The Decider” doc on MSNBC last night (special edition of Hardball, a show I don't ordinarily watch but I watched this one). I don't want to spoil it by posting highlights, so check it out.    

27 Nov 2008

Oklahoma Heartbreak

http://oudaily.com/news/2008/nov/25/column-oklahoma-heartbreak/ This is an excellent column from the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma. A lot of Oklahomans are feeling this way right now — heartsick that our state is absolutely the most backwards in the union. When you've got Christians bemoaning the same kind of myopic backtracking mindset