27 Jan 2011

Ugandan lesbian about to be deported to her rape and death.

The Guardian reports today on the imminent deportation of Brenda Namigadde: a Ugandan lesbian in Britain who is about to be deported back to her country of origin, where, partly due to the tireless efforts of US evangelical activists, she will almost certainly be raped and murdered. The British Home

04 Dec 2009

Irish Civil Partnership legisation enters the Irish parliament: passage almost certain.

It is with some satisfaction and relief that I can say that Civil Partnership legislation has just been brought forward for debate and passage in the Dail (Irish Parliament). http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091203/ap_on_re_eu/eu_ireland_gay_marriage_1 http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/1204/1224260043897.html

19 Jun 2009

Gay exorcism: child-abuse in the name of God.

A terribly disturbing video appeared on Youtube recently, apparently showing the members of the Manifested Glory Ministries of Connecticut subjecting a teenager to a psychologically devastating and physically violent ordeal in the name of exorcising his 'homosexual demons'. It amazes me that this sort of abuse can be justified by

05 Jun 2009

Yahoo: Squeamish people more likely to be politically conservative.

I've posited this idea for quite some time but I never believed that it might be up to 50% biologically rooted. I've long said that some sort of conditioning might explain the fact that some men and women feel physically ill when witnessing gay or lesbian women in intimate positions,

21 Mar 2009

Guardian.com posts great series of videos on gay marraige in California

I'll keep this short and hope it gets to the main page. The Guardian website posted the most wonderful series of video diaries made by gay couples in California, describing their lives, families, trials, tribulations and love. Also their responses to the passage of Proposition 8 and the effect that

08 Jul 2008

Study: Military gays don’t undermine unit cohesion (Yahoo)

The British Army. The Israeli Army. There have always been one or two compelling reasons why gays should be allowed to serve openly in the US military. (There is also the Bill Hicks reason, which we won’t go into right now.) Ever-increasing levels of indifference within the army, combined with

24 Jun 2008

Apparently, Leviticus is now off the menu

The Christian Right love Leviticus; it has after all provided them with the most explicit condemnation of homosexual sex in the Bible; forget that ‘abomination’ is a mistranslation of ‘Jewish taboo’ or that a whole bunch of other things; shrimp, tattoos, earrings, come under the same strictures. Until Barack Obama

11 May 2008

The Guardian reports on a new book detailing a hidden gay rap subculture.

The best newspaper in the world, in my opinion, posted this story about an MTV executive who has written a memoir on his life as a gay man in the rap industry. I’ve long known that at least one enormously important figure in hip-hop was supposed to be queer but

07 Nov 2007

Is Saint Patrick’s day about Ireland, or the Vatican?

As far as I know, it has not yet been reported on the blend that the centre-right government Republic of Ireland has made a committment to pass Civil Unions legislation for heterosexuals and homosexual before March 2008.  There was a previous bill in Dail (Irish parliament) that called for gay

24 Sep 2007

Conservative Christian film-makers gut Pagan fable?

  This seems to be a little story about yet another bad movie made from wonderful source material until you look a bit closer.       The Seeker: The Dark is Rising is a children’s fantasy film due for release early in October, courtesy of Walden Media. The original