13 Jul 2014

Four Observations/Suggestions About the New NextGen PAC Anti Tom Corbett Ad

The average watcher of politics might not be aware of this but there are some liberal super PACs (Political Action Committee) that will benefit from the horrible Citizen’s United decision. One such liberal PAC is called Nextgen Climate, which is run by hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer. His main issue is

01 Nov 2013

My top ten dreams for the new Glenn Greenwald/Pierre Omidyar/Laura Poitras/Jeremy Scahill online paper.

As you may or may not have known if you’re not a press watcher, the most exciting story in the world over the last year or so is the Edward Snowden story. Those stories were published by the US Guardian (important because we have a first amendment here…) and written

24 Oct 2013

Read my short free Amazon ebooks, please.

Or the longer title: Read my short free Amazon ebooks called “A Left Argument for Space” and “The Drear and Very Depressing Jackson Todd Continuum”, please. But that was a little long. I’ve started to republish some of my older fiction and nonfiction pieces on Amazon. I hear that’s the

14 Jul 2013

Best images in the aftermath of horrible Trayvon Martin verdict.

(For all 14 go here. Sorry about the popups.) I just have some initial thoughts about the tragic yet entirely predictable outcome in the Trayvon Martin case.   “>   One, it seems that the prosecution’s heart just wasn’t in it. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming into

26 Jun 2013

End the filibuster Harry Reid. Appoint more judges. Protect voting rights.

END THE FILIBUSTER HARRY REID. APPOINT JUDGES. PROTECT VOTING RIGHTS. (You can sign the petition here or here.) The good news about the horrible June 25th Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is that you can still use the courts to overturn voter suppression laws

14 Jun 2013

Stop Making Me Love You Elizabeth Warren Watch: Now she fights for the courts.

(You can get all the links here.) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who I think is the only senator speaking out strongly against the banks or even attempting to find out what’s going on with a fixed trade deal like TPP — that’s because the money men have nice seats at

24 Apr 2013

MoveOn protest Thursday in Pittsburgh against horrible Obama plan to cut Social Security.

On my various Facebook Internet hangouts I have friends to my left — yes that can be true — who insist that both political parties are the same. I think there is value in voting for the Democratic Party because today’s Republican Party just seems like an openly fascist party

23 Apr 2013

Die Max Baucus Die and other news around the Progressive Internet

(Okay its not as good a roundup that you got from David Whatshisname or that new guy but hey the title is funny…as usual you can find all the links here where I have a job sorta.) Just some stories of note that I’ve seen for the day. ITEM: No

03 Mar 2013

New Petition Thanks Bradley Manning for his Courage

(Also crossposted at my Examiner post. Please hit like (Facebook) or retweet (Twitter) that page if possible.) Bradley Manning‘s whistleblowing as treason case continues to drag on . It appears that he has conceded to lesser charges but has to fight on the more important ones. Just to review: The

24 Oct 2012

Do 500/5000 x 10 want to help lone Pro Choice, Anti Fracking candidate in Western PA?

(Crossposted to at least two places…) Over the last six months I’ve had the privilege of working for the New York based Working Families here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had been doing some door to door work here in Western Pennsylvania working to oust and defeat a number of horrible